Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Cellulite -How to Remove -Causes, Treatments & Properly Diet and Advice!!!

Cellulite is not a disease but the condition in women of middle age, whose skin looks like orange peel due to fat deposition. It is most common on the thighs, upper arms, and abdomen.

Food against cellulite should be easily digestible and should help in burning and excretion of harmful substances from the body. One of the important microelements is iodine which is the oxidation catalyst and contributes to the proper function of metabolism. Iodine has a lot in iodized table salt, fish, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, peas, salad, banana, cabbage, white and onions, brown rice and egg .

Резултат слика за Cellulite
Nutrition should be with more fresh fruits, especially those which is rich in calcium, such as spinach, potatoes, beans and bananas. Fresh pineapple and grapes reduce body fat, and watermelon, as a natural diuretic, expels excess fluid and waste products.
The anti-cellulite diet recommends avoiding too greasy and hard to digest and salty foods and less bread and pasta. It is necessary to enter more fluid – about 8 glasses a day, with part of the liquid to be entered in the form of fruit and vegetables. Liquid drink for 15 minutes before and after meals, but not during the meal.

To remove cellulite give preference to food with a lot of cereal products (oatmeal, cornflakes, various breakfast cereals, cereal with dried fruit instead of sugar), fruits, low-fat milk, yogurt, tea, fish, chicken cooked or baked with mixed salads, cheeses with less fat, dry brewing yeast blurred in soup or juice from fruits and vegetables.

As far as alcoholic beverages can be used 1-2 glasses wine or beer a day, while the spirits are not recommended. Smoking should be avoided because it destroys vitamins B and C are important for healthy skin and blood circulation.

Cellulite should limit the use of the following foods: pork, bacon, salami, sausages, canned meat, salty snacks, salty cheeses, fried foods including fried potatoes, soups in bags and condiments (industrial) with a lot of salts (seasoning, spice C, et al.).

Cellulite is useful in the diet every day to have a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes seasoned with chopped garlic and green parsley leaves, with the addition of olive oil.

Cocktails against cellulite
A cocktail of juice squeezed from one root beets, 3-4 cloves of garlic, 4-5 leaves of cabbage and parsley 5 strands, drink as often as possible.

A cocktail of freshly squeezed juice 3-4 plums, one cluster and half a lemon drink at will.

Teas from herbs against cellulite
Medicinal herbs are useful for cleaning the blood and enhancing urination, especially: onion, cucumber, parsley, cherry, thyme, sage, birch leaf and corn silk.

Onion has the strong effect on the excretion of excess water from the body and thus influence the reduction of subcutaneous deposits of cellulite: onion peel, finely chops, pour a cup of lukewarm water and let stand overnight. In the morning, drink cure after breakfast . This cure cellulite takes about 20 days.

Approximately 30 g of dandelion leaf pour a liter of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes covered, strain and drink a cup a day.

Soup against cellulite: a mixture of 12 pods green beans, 4 waist leeks, 4 sprigs of celery and 4 heads unpeeled onion  and cook for about 15 minutes in a liter of water. After removing from heat, pour in the soup finely powdered garlic and parsley and a pinch of salt. Thus prepared the soup should be eaten three days, consecutively.

Massage against cellulite: body parts with cellulite lubricated gauze soaked with tea of parsley leaf. In one liter of water was placed 300 g of leaves of parsley and cook until the liquid is reduced to 2/3, ie. at about 600 ml liquid, chill and used for massaging.

Anti-cellulite Bath : useful bath composed of a handful of stems cherries, grated onion into 2 liters of water (2 baths per day).

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