Natural Recipes Against Blackheads – Simple and Effective!


If you are looking for a simple “home” recipes to remove blackheads, this search ends here. The cause is not so “mysterious”. The sebaceous glands are associated with root hairs and secrete more sebum during puberty due to the increased secretion of hormones in the body.

Tallow is a natural substance that “lubricates” and protects the skin. When the skin is too much fat, create pimples. The first stage of the formation of pimples and acne are blackheads. Due to excessive amounts of sebum in the pores, which are usually clogged due to dust and dirt, there are black and white blackheads. Blocked pores, preventing further sebum secretion so that it accumulates in the pores. Therefore, it is always recommended regular cleaning of the skin to remove blackheads.

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Simple natural recipes against blackheads

The solutions are at hand. There are a few simple recipes and masks that you can do yourself and routinely applied. All you need is probably already have in the kitchen.

Most widely used natural method against blackheads are as follows:

  1. Take a handful of rice and soak it in water. Let stand overnight. In the morning, strain it, leave the rice to dry and mash it to make a paste. To this paste, add lime juice, which is a very important ingredient, and mix well. Apply this mask on your face and let sit for about 20 minutes, then rinse. Each time you do this treatment you will notice an improvement. For best results, use a mask twice a week.

  2. Take nutmeg and well it crumbles, so you get a powder. Mix it with cold, unpasteurized milk so you get a thicker mixture. Apply it on your face and hold for about an hour, then rinse. You will see how your skin is much cleaner and more beautiful.

  3. Of cinnamon powder make a mask with the juice of a lime (1/4) in proportion to 3/4 of honey. Apply this mask on your face at bedtime and in the morning rinse. The results will be amazing.

  4. You’ve probably already heard that the orange excellent to remove blackheads. This is one of the great citrus fruit that you can use for this purpose. After you eat an orange, make and peeled the bark for the destruction of blackheads. Dry peel and crumble in the dust. Mix the powder with a little water to make a denser mixture; Apply this mask on your face before going to sleep and in the morning just rinse your face with plain water.

  5. Some blackheads are so “strong” to “jump” and are very visible. To solve them, use lime juice with peanut oil. Mix equal amounts of these ingredients and apply on your face. In a few minutes, you will see how blackheads “retreat”. Exfoliate and wash your face that you have applied the mask. You will see a noticeable difference

  6. A mixture of mint and lime. This mixture is great for troubleshooting with blackheads and almost all of the ingredients can be purchased if they are already there at home

  7. Use turmeric and dried neem leaves, or a mixture of them to destroy blackheads. Apply this mixture on your face and hold it for about an hour, then rinse

  8. Use facial cleansers that do not contain oil and one for oily skin. When it comes to materials for cleaning, make sure that the pH value is good for the skin and whether it suits you

All these recipes are very simple natural ways to get rid of blackheads and those who have tried hard to be truly effective. Many of these recipes are used by people since ancient times.

Since the cause of acne usually blackheads, it is always best to solve the cause by making the skin keep clean and, of course, be fed properly. Before you use any of these masks, be sure to wash your face. Never wring blackheads yourself, because usually after that remain unsightly holes and scars on the face and blackheads will appear elsewhere.

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