After Reading This, You Will Never Throw Away Banana Peel – Surprising Uses that Will Amaze You!!!


The meat of bananas is a rich source of many nutrients and is considered to be rich in carbohydrates. Sugar content in the banana is the largest when the skin becomes completely black, indicating that all the starch converted to sugars such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose.

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Meat banana is high in content of vitamins B6 and B12, magnesium and potassium, but also contains some protein and fiber. In general, the bark of fruit contains more nutrients and fiber that complement the internal meat. Apple peel, orange, and kiwi is a good example, and often eaten in Western countries, although the banana peel has a higher value in India and Southeast Asia.

Banana peel as a cure – how is that possible?

Banana peel is also a rich source of potassium and contains much more soluble and insoluble fiber from its meat. Dietary fiber promotes digestion and bowel movements and can reduce blood cholesterol levels.

They also contain tryptophan, which increases serotonin levels in the body and affects the mood, much like a drug Prozac works. Some researchers  have discovered that banana peel extract can ease depression because of its effect on serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for balancing moods and emotions. It was found that eating two bananas during the three days increases the levels of serotonin in the blood of 16%.

Next, peel of the fruit contains lutein, a powerful antioxidant that protects the eyes from free radicals and harmful UV radiation. Lutein can be proven to reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

How to eat a banana peel?

Banana peel can be eaten raw but can have an unpleasant taste. Waiting for that fruit ripens, it makes the skin much thinner, a little sweeter and easier to chew. Some people like to cook it 10 minutes before eating, putting it through a juicer or mixing it with other fruits. In Asian countries, is cooked with its meat or fry itself. Cleaning commercially has grown bananas before they eat their bark is important for all spraying where bananas are exposed.

Other medical use of banana skin

In addition to the peel of this fruit can be eaten, it can be used both as a rub on your skin to relieve itching, reduces inflammation, removes warts, wrinkles, to get rid of acne, psoriasis and controls improve tone and texture of skin.

Banana peel for face

Banana peel for the face is a sight – we believe that you have not even thought about it! It works against wrinkles, which corrects, but also works against acne and pimples, as well as against the scars of the same.

Take a small piece of bark and rub it on the affected area for several minutes until the inside of the bark does not exceed the brown. How to dry your skin will absorb vitamins and nutrients from the bark. Leave for about 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You can also leave overnight, then rinse in the morning.

Do this 3 times a day, for several days, you will see results! Even if you do not have the actual pimples on the skin, this trick can help reduce acne scars.

Banana peel for acne and pimples – how it works?

Banana peel is full of antioxidants, including lutein, which may help protect the skin from sun damage and free radicals. It also contains an esterified fatty acid that is used for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis!

Banana peel against wrinkles

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by rubbing a banana peel on the skin, which helps to tighten the skin and improve its tone.

For best results, use the bark of mature and fresh bananas!

Banana peel on the teeth

How to whiten your teeth naturally? Among other things, there is a banana peel! Banana peel on the teeth acts as a natural whitening agent. If you do not believe me, try it and see. Rub the rind of the fruit within a minute on the teeth, every day of the week. This actually leads to tooth whitening, which in dental offices costs a lot more expensive!

Banana peel for callus

Banana peel for callus : banana peel mature fully. Keep fruit in the fridge. Take a banana peel and start scraping the inner white part of the peel. You should have to spoon the white inside of the bark. Add two drops of essential oil of tea tree and put it over the callus. Wrap the bandage around the callus, so that the white part of the peel is not moving from one place. Leave a few hours, and then wash your feet, only with clean water. Repeat the treatment twice a day to see positive results within a week. Alternatively, you can wrap the bark directly around the callus and secured with a bandage and hold for two hours.


Banana peel for warts can also be used as a natural remedy! The banana peel helps remove warts and eliminates the appearance of new ones. For this, simply rub the peel on the affected area or tie crust overnight on the nipple. Just attach a piece of bark to cover the nipple, leave overnight and remove in the morning. Continue this treatment until night wart disappears!

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