Natural Cure For Hiatal (gastric) Hernia – Symptoms, Natural Remedies and Advice


A gastric hernia is increasingly occurring as a disease in recent years, because it is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and physical inactivity, and many people live like that.

There is also a variety of other causes, such as age, lifting heavy things, too much pressure on the stomach during draining if you have constipation, stress, smoking, sleep immediately after eating and physical inactivity.

Резултат слика за Gastric Hernia

Loss of appetite, heartburn, fatigue and abdominal pain are the most common symptoms of a hernia. Whatever the reason for the appearance of a gastric hernia, with using listed “natural remedies” you can solve this problem naturally.

Apple cider vinegar against a gastric hernia

“Holy Grail” of healthy domestic balms, vinegar is one of the most effective natural remedies to relieve abdominal pain caused by gastric acid. If you drink vinegar diluted with water three times a day , you will feel relieved when it comes to heartburn and other symptoms of a stomach hernia.

Hot water

Avoid drinking coffee, tea, juice or cold water immediately after waking up. Instead, get used to drinking a glass of lukewarm water. Warm water relaxes the stomach muscles and so returns a gastric hernia into place below the diaphragm.

The juice of aloe as a natural remedy for a stomach hernia

Like apple cider vinegar, aloe vera is also a magical herb when it comes to the treatment of various health problems.

Drink a small glass full of the fresh and undiluted juice of aloe at the morning and evening and let it be your routine if you want to fully heal a gastric hernia in a natural way.

This will improve the general condition of your digestive tract and make your stomach strong enough to “resist” the harmful effects of acid that form in it.


Chamomile is the very effective natural remedy when it comes to the treatment of heartburn, abdominal pain and relaxes the digestive tract.

It acts as a natural remedy when it comes to a stomach hernia, so drink chamomile tea at least two or times a day, preferably dried (not from a bag). Pour the dried flowers in boiling water, strain it, add a little honey if you like and enjoy in this healthy tea.

Powder cinnamon

A gastric hernia makes digestive tract poor and increased gastric acid secretion is a sign that your body weak. If you are taking cinnamon regularly, you will see how to help in facilitating the many symptoms of these problems such as heartburn, because cinnamon helps prevent secretion of too much stomach acid.

Stomach acid weakens the digestive tract and digestive tract if you do not work properly, no other authorities will not be able to function properly. Therefore see that all the ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen, can serve as an effective home remedy for a stomach hernia.

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