Reducing the Lipids (cholesterol and triglyceride) Levels in Your Blood Naturally -Properly Healthy Diet and Advice!!!

Why is it necessary to take care of lipids in the blood?

Резултат слика за Lipids (cholesterol and triglyceride)

Raised blood lipids is an undesirable occurrence, no matter what the reasons for it (a metabolic disorder, inappropriate diet, genetic factors …). Cholesterol and triglycerides are lipids necessary for normal functioning of the body, however, if they have blood in large quantities it can lead to a build-up of plaque in the arteries and ultimately to clogging and blockage of blood flow.

Elevated blood lipids caused by atherosclerosis that:

  • Reduced nutrition heart and leads to coronary artery disease
  • Increases the risk of heart attack and sudden cardiac death
  • Increases the risk of stroke
  • Damages the circulation in the hands and feet

Taking care of lipids in the blood means:

  1. Maintaining an optimum body weight healthy diet
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Regular monitoring of blood pressure and blood fat

How to make a healthy diet?

It is generally accepted that the so-called Mediterranean diet healthy diet to keep lipids levels under control. The principles of the Mediterranean diet are:

  • Meals do a variety with numerous fresh vegetables (greens, salads, and soups rich in vegetables)
  • Reduce intake of red meat and twice a week on the menu include fish and poultry
  • Avoid  fried foods, and use boiled, braised water with the addition of oil at the end of cooking or roasted on the grill
  • Replace margarine, butter and other fats in your diet with olive oil
  • Use potatoes and brown rice as a substitute for bread
  • From drinks drink mostly water
  • Instead of sugary cakes, flour and fat eat fresh fruit and low-fat cheese
    – Replace fried salty snacks commercial walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and other healthy nuts

Be physically active:

  • Walk as a daily walk or a quick walk (30-40 minutes a day) have beneficial effects on the regulation of lipids metabolism and reducing obesity
  • Do light work in the garden, as many as you before, it might be a good recreation and useful work
  • Stay in the open air
    Check your blood pressure and blood fats

Normal blood pressure:

From 120 / 80mmHg to 140 / 90mmHg

In people older than sixty-called “top” blood pressure is higher than in young people and is around 140mmHg, and in, so to say, healthy octogenarians around 160mmHg.

Target levels of lipids in the blood:

Total cholesterol less than 5.2 mmol / l

LDL cholesterol less than 3.4 mmol / l

HDL cholesterol greater than 1.3 mmol / l

Triglycerides less than 1.7 mmol / l
In more serious cases, you need the rigorous diet against elevated cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
If diet and exercise do not achieve these values consult a doctor!

Author: K.S

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