Eyebrow Huge Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making – Tips For Eyebrow Shaping!!!

A large number of women practiced a daily eyebrow plucking  , but experts warn that it is a bad practice.

Excessive pulling out
In fact, the ideal would be eyebrows twitch once in three weeks. In this way, the hair that may have different growth rate have enough time to rise, which will make your eyebrows even.

Using old tweezer
If your hair glides through the forceps or if you are “fighting” to uproot the hair, it’s time to invest in new tools. And, be sure to keep tweezers: Clean with alcohol after each use to prevent the growth of bacteria on it.

Резултат слика за eyebrows

Excessive pulling the sides
In order to avoid the appearance of “fusion” of eyebrows, some women tend to over-pluck part between the eyebrows. The greater the distance between the eyes seems larger nose and eyes too far apart. Getting eyebrows should be level with the root of the nose, but not to the outside edge of the nostrils. Do not over do it when it comes to the end of the eyebrow. To know where the eyebrow ends, imagine a diagonal line from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. It may be helpful to use a pen as a visual guide.

Oversized bow
Find natural arch seeking the highest point of your eyebrow, which is usually about two-thirds of the middle interior eyebrows. Pluck eyebrows to create the effect of raised eyebrows.
You forget the top. Plucking eyebrows can create the effect of raised eyebrows but do not forget the tip. On the part above the eyebrows should not be “stray” hairs, because they tend to be more noticeable there.

Excessive use of the pen
Just a couple of gentle movements eyebrow pencil can help you out of the ordinary create beautiful and defined eyebrows. Choose a pencil that is a shade lighter than the color of your eyebrows. Too dark eyebrows look too sharp and affected. And the point is to shadow eyebrows, not to draw them.

Pulling wax when you use creams that contain retinoids
Creams with retinoids typically have anti-age creme that enhances the production of collagen and accelerate the process of renewal of skin cells. Also, they can make a “mess” on the skin, if you rip the eyebrows waxed. Retinoids make the skin extra sensitive and thin, and eyebrow wax (in this situation) can be extremely painful and affect the appearance of irritation. If you use creams with this ingredient, hold the tweezers when plucking eyebrows.


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