Iron Deficiency (Anemia) – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Natural Juice (Recipe)

Anemia can be a very serious condition that sometimes a significant impact on your life.

How anemia affects the body?
Blood consists of three types of cells ( erythrocytes – red blood cells, leukocytes – white blood cells and thrombocytes – platelets) that circulate in our bloodstream. Erythrocytes containing the red, iron-rich protein – hemoglobin (Hb), which carries oxygen from the lungs to all muscles and organs of our body. Normal life and functioning are impossible without oxygen.

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Anemia is a state of a lack of red blood cells. In this case, a small number of red blood cells contain less hemoglobin, which is the delivery of oxygen organs such as the brain, heart, muscles, decreased. In this way, when you feel anemic mental and physical weakness. When the red blood cell count decreased, the heart works faster in an attempt to more blood flow make up the deficit of oxygen in the blood erythrocytes poor.

The causes of anemia
Possible causes of anemia are:
Loss of blood – Numerous diseases (kidney, joints, blood-forming organs ….)
Adverse effects of drugs
Inadequate nutrition and vitamin deficiencies and iron.

Anemia is sometimes difficult to detect because the early symptoms are so mild. Therefore, it is easy to confuse problems that are seen in other diseases or after use of certain drugs. Anemia can, slow life energy to the extent that you do makes it difficult to perform the most basic household activities. It exacerbates the problems created by other diseases if they unite with each other while drowsiness, nausea, fatigue and other symptoms become very severe.

Symptoms of anemia include the following:
– Fatigue – drowsiness
– Weakness – fatigue
– Dizziness and uncertainty
– Pallor of the skin and mucous membranes of the lips, gums, conjunctiva, nails and hands
– Rapid heart rate – tachycardia
– The feeling of cold extremities especially the hands and feet
– Sadness and depression
– Some reduction of sexual function
– Sleep disturbances and loss of appetite

As the symptoms easily replaced symptoms that occur in other diseases, it is important to review the doctor especially if there is a feeling of intense fatigue and other such troubles.

Doctors determined the existence of anemia through discussion with the patient about his problems (history), examination of the patient and making the blood count. Blood work is now done using appliances that provide information the number of red blood cells (RBC), white blood cell (WBC) and platelet (PLT). In the result, the blood count often is the number, size, shape and description of some other physical characteristics of blood cells.

RBC – represents the number of red blood cells. Hemoglobin abbreviated Hb, is located in red blood cells and participate in the transfer of oxygen. Your hemoglobin level is actually converted from the amount of this protein in your blood.
Hemoglobin , the percentage of red blood cells in the bloodstream:
Normal Hb values vary from lab to lab or ranging from 120 to 160 g / L for adult women and 13 to 18 g / dl in adult healthy men. Anemia is considered a state when Hb levels  fall below the normal range for which occurs disorder unit function of organs and systems with the above symptoms.

If the anemia is not treated in time, the plight of the body can lead to this urgency for blood transfusions. Besides low-value erythrocytes can lead to additional health problems. Anemia can lead to overload your heart and the occurrence of heart problems, in an attempt to correct the delivery of oxygen to the tissues from the blood of the poor erythrocytes. Anemia can make it more difficult mental process. When your brain is not getting enough oxygen, it will be difficult to learn, memorize and later even to write to read or perform everyday tasks. If anemia lengthy or symptoms worsen this can seriously and permanently impair your health.

Approaches to treatment vary and many depend on the cause of anemia. Therefore, after the confirmation of suffering from anemia of this very significant to discover its cause. This can be only with the professional help of a doctor who will determine treatment strategies such as changing eating habits or taking medicines.

Natural healing juice against anemia
If you have low iron levels in the blood and are not a fan of the use of drugs or red meat, I recommend this simple and very healthy drink.

To prepare you to need:

  • 1 small cucumber
    half a cup of grapes (any)
    300 gr of fresh spinach
    2 kiwi
    50 gr parsley
    half cup water
    100 gr beet
    1 carrot
    juice from a half lemon

Put the ingredients in a blender and blended until the mixture is completely smooth and turn into a smooth liquid. Drink only fresh on an empty stomach.

Vitamin C which is located in kiwi helps in the absorption of iron from spinach. The drink is full of antioxidants and fiber and has multiple beneficial and healthy for the entire body. The drink can drink when you want and with his constant consumption will help to increase the level of iron in the blood and strengthen the immune system and the energy of the body.

If you are allergic or do not have a kiwi can use as a substitute orange.

Food rich in iron

Cereals enriched with iron
Dark chocolate and cocoa powder
Pumpkin seeds
Walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds
Beans and legumes
The dark foliage as spinach
Egg yolk
Peanut butter

Fruits and vegetables 
Dried apricots

The meat 
Roast beef
Turkey meat
Chicken meat
Pork chop

The author of this article does not recommend the treatment of anemia you work on your own and without the control of the doctor.

Author: K.S

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