Natural Remedies for High Blood Cholesterol and Triglycerides (Lipid Disorder) -Advice and Recipes!!!

Triglycerides are fats which consist of glycerol and fatty acids and are entered into the body with food. Already in the small intestine beginning to decompose to absorb in the intestinal mucosal cells, entered the lymph vessels and circulation, and finally ends in the liver.

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Triglycerides provide the energy necessary for the functioning of all cells and serve as “fuel” to perform all vital functions. If you overdo it by eating fats, the excess is deposited in the adipose tissue to serve as a source of energy when the body runs out of food.


Triglycerides and cholesterol are an integral part of the animal fat, which means they are assimilated with the consumption of meat, dairy products, eggs, and other animal products. The causes of elevated triglyceride levels may be different, but it is most often the result of excessive consumption of fatty foods, lack of exercise, skipping meals or consuming heavy meals, smoking …

The energy is converted and carbohydrates, whose excess is deposited in fatty tissue, in the form of fatty acids. Thus, the main source of triglycerides is not only fat but also carbohydrates, which has the most products made from flour. Due to the consumption of baked goods, “fast food”, sweets and foods rich in concentrated carbohydrates – is rapidly accumulating triglycerides.

Elevated levels of triglycerides can cause alcohol and genetically determined metabolic defects. For the metabolism of triglycerides and cholesterol, which is a very complex process, it is necessary to accurately function of many enzymes, which are often shared, but mistakes at some of them can lead to so-called combined hyperlipoproteinemia, dominated by high triglycerides and cholesterol.
The value of triglycerides can jump independent of cholesterol, mainly as a result of a diet high in fat, or due to alcohol consumption.


High triglycerides sign of many diseases

When triglycerides are multiple high (above 5 mmol / l), increased risk of dangerous inflammation of the pancreas. This disease must be treated immediately, and often operate, and in very severe forms can be deadly. The risk of pancreatitis increases when triglycerides are above 10 mmol / l and these conditions require urgent attention.

People with excess triglycerides are often obese or suffer from diabetes, and this disruption of fat metabolism occurs in the case of damage to liver function, chronic alcoholism, nephrotic syndrome, hypothyroidism, obstruction of the bile duct, taking certain medications (oral contraceptives or antidepressants) and stress .

In postmenopausal women observed a strong correlation between high levels of triglycerides, LDL (bad) cholesterol and heart disease. Before menopause, the levels of good HDL cholesterol is usually higher than for men, but it removes the bad LDL cholesterol from the walls of blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

However, after menopause, the levels of good HDL cholesterol decreases and increases bad LDL cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease (myocardial infarction) and stroke. Atherosclerosis is the most important factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases and is characterized by the deposition of fatty deposits on the inner walls of blood vessels, where there is a narrowing of their diameter.

The emergence and development of atherosclerosis take place under the influence of many factors (to date it has identified more than 250). In addition to obesity, and the half, heritage, age, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, numerous epidemiological and clinical studies have demonstrated that high levels of triglycerides, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and that both men and women.

However, in people who suffer from kidney disease may increase these fats in the blood. It is not uncommon for patients with extremely elevated levels of triglycerides need to be treated in intensive care units because there is a risk of serious damage to the pancreas, which can be life-threatening.


Therapy with dietary food

The treatment of disorders of fat metabolism, which is characterized by an increase in levels of triglycerides, is carried out by using the appropriate dietetic food, which means reducing the intake of food energy if overweight, to the exclusion of alcohol and concentrated carbohydrates – candy.

On the other hand, as this disorder is associated with an increase in levels of total cholesterol, which makes treatment more complex, the affected person is advised on and off a diet rich in saturated fats. Can not be forgotten additional physical activity and changes in style for life.

In patients with forms of the disease where the use of dietary nutrition and physical activity does not show a satisfactory lowering of triglycerides, introduces medicaments therapy that involves the use of drugs from the group of statins, fibrates, or Omega-3 fatty acids.

Foods with high levels of triglycerides
In order to reduce the number of triglycerides, it is necessary to reduce consumption of fatty meat, crackling, bacon, luncheon meat, pate. One should avoid fried and fast foods, baked goods, pasta, pizza, snacks, butter, whole milk, fat cheese and sour cream, as well as alcohol and sweets.

Food with a low-level of triglycerides
To diet lowered levels of triglyceride, in installments should be represented fresh fruit, but not sweetened fruit juices, vegetables, but not potatoes, whole grains (rye, barley, oats, flaxseed, buckwheat …), lean meat, red and white sea fish, dairy products with low-fat, olive, soybean, corn, pumpkin and sunflower oil.

Lowering cholesterol levels up to 30% recommended the following foods and herbs … daily allowance:

Bananas (2 )
Onions (half a head, angry)
Apples (2 )
Yogurt (3 cups of skim milk)
Cauliflower (3/4 bowls, cooked)
Maize (half a bowl, cooked)
Milk, skim (1/4 liter)
Beans (bowl, cooked)
Salad (bowl)
Carrots (2-3 root)
The wine (1 cup)

Onions foods that most lower cholesterol …
Onions, in addition to lowering total cholesterol level, is also affected by an increase in “useful” cholesterol by about 30%, and beer, wine and hard liquor (1-2 drinks per day) to about 7%. This “useful” cholesterol removes “bad LDL” cholesterol from the body.

An interesting conclusion of scientists that has a lower risk of heart disease, which is more “useful HDL” cholesterol, as well as to women who otherwise live on average eight years longer than men, have higher levels of good HDL cholesterol, in addition to the more moderate the beneficiaries alcoholic beverages.

Of foods that lower cholesterol are the most effective oatmeal, beans, soy protein, garlic juice and garlic. A bowl of cooked beans or oats reduces cholesterol by as much as 20%. Soy, beans, and peas are especially recommended for people who tend to be hereditary high cholesterol and heart disease. From fruit to lower cholesterol the most useful are: grapefruit (sliced not juice), fresh oranges, apples, almonds, and vegetables for lowering cholesterol: carrots, garlic, and onions, artichokes.

Dried fruits that contain lots of pectins, including apples, plums, grapes, and apricots, has a positive effect on lowering blood cholesterol.

Oatmeal lowers cholesterol
If you need to lower your cholesterol, eat a big bowl of oatmeal or cooked cereals and cereal products with oat bran or oatmeal mash , every day.

Medicinal herbs which lower cholesterol
Helps lower cholesterol levels and medicinal plants, which otherwise has the property of cleaning the blood, and in particular: garlic and onions, anise, dandelion, red hawthorn , chimneys, sage, and thyme.

The recipe of herbs for lowering cholesterol

Drink daily 2-3 cups of tea for lowering cholesterol made with 3 cloves of garlic, a handful of lavender, 3 handfuls of sage and pour a liter of boiling water.

Spoon the mixture of equal parts of the ground pottery raspberry leaf, berries, mint leaf and flower St. John’s wort Pour 2 dl of boiling water. After cooling, strain and drink before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Spoon mixture of equal parts of leaves and flowers of yarrow, couch grass and leaf boxwood and 3 tablespoons finely powdered juniper berries (wilting) Pour 4 dl boiling water. After standing for 1 hour, strain and drink three times a day, before meals, after cup.


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