Healthy Diet During Pregnancy .Balanced Nutrition – Advice and Recipes!!!

It is essential to adopt healthy habits from the beginning of pregnancy. The most that the future mother can do for yourself and your baby is to take care of the diet.

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How many kilos advisable to get pregnant – depends on most of its weight before getting pregnant and BMI index. For example, at a normal weight, pregnant women would be ideal for increasing body weight 9 – 14 kilograms. With the rise in body weight growth and chances of various complications, such as gestational diabetes, hypertension, infection, abortion, thrombosis, pregnancy and have a difficult childbirth.

But no baby was not spared, so that children often encounter: infant high birth weight, heart disease, diabetes, various malformations … if necessary individual approach to every pregnant woman, we have to introduce some general advice on diet: eat less and more often, minimize consuming carbohydrates (pasta and bread), avoid concentrated sugars (juices, sweets) … Eat meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. And do not forget, the extra pounds gained during pregnancy later be very difficult to lose.

Sheikh for good morning

Put in the blender a handful of blueberries and raspberries, add the juice of freshly squeezed – orange, a teaspoon of honey and a banana. Put them in the blender ,and if necessary, dilute it with water. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Ideal breakfast

For breakfast cook spelled beans, add a handful of raisins, chopped dried figs, a tablespoon of ground flax seeds, sesame, and pumpkin, ten ground almonds, cocoa, carob, and cinnamon.

Salmon and brown rice

Filet of salmon bake in the oven, and as a side dish serve brown rice with broccoli, carrot, and leek.

Turkey and kale

Turkey breast bake in foil, and at the end, open the foil and bake some more. Serve with boiled cabbage steamed and topped with olive oil.

Stew Lentil and millet

Salt lenses cook with carrots, celery, onion and bay leaf. Season with salt, add tomato juice to taste and fifteen minutes before the end of the pour half a cup millet. Minutes before the end of cooking add the chopped garlic and parsley.

Bananas in pregnancy

It’s time to talk about bananas and find out what it’s all about when it comes to bananas during pregnancy. For starters, bananas can be easily digested and can enrich the body of nutrients in a short period of time. Do you drink juice from bananas or milk with a banana with some snacks for breakfast?
You are not same.Banana is rich in calories and if you eat too many bananas, most likely you will experience a slight increase in weight, whether it’s okay to eat one banana a day? Let’s find out what happens if you eat bananas, because while you are pregnant – you can go crazy for bananas!

The benefits of consuming bananas during pregnancy – potassium
Not surprisingly, bananas enjoy great popularity. As a favored source of vitamins and minerals, they are easy to find and great for the stomach. Rich in potassium, bananas helps prevent hypertension in  pregnancy.

They also help in regulating the levels of sodium in the body, cutting out excessive amounts of salt from the body, reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure. The ideal amount of potassium to be required each day is 4,700 mg; Bananas contain about 320 mg. If you think you eat too much salt, you could replace the rice bananas.
The benefits of bananas during pregnancy – Vitamin B
Bananas contain vitamin B6, which can help you calm your stomach in case of severe morning sickness. Eating one banana a day means that you have entered 0.38 mg or 30% of vitamin B6 that you need on a daily basis.
Banana helps you feel better with morning sickness, but if you can not eat solid food, it might be better instead to drink juice or a banana shake.

One or two bananas a day during pregnancy
Bananas seem to be God-given to pregnant women. But the more you have to be careful not to overeat them. Bananas are full of carbohydrates, and if you eat too much, you may see an increase in body weight above the recommended levels.
If you decided to incorporate bananas into your diet, one day (about 90 g), will be enough. Refrain from eating them as a snack, especially at night. One or two a day is enough.

Mothers with poor kidney – Do not overdo it with bananas
If you are taking vitamin B6 in the form of supplements and overeating are bananas, this can lead to excessive intake of vitamin B6. There are reported cases of pregnant women who have had too much vitamin B6 in their system and as a result, their babies are born with congenital anomalies.

As the kidneys are responsible for removing excess potassium, when they just do not work the best, it could lead to hyperkalemia – the accumulation of potassium in the body.

To extract the essence, bananas during pregnancy will help to ease morning sickness and maternity in the fight against hypertension or gestational diabetes. It’s okay if you are crazy about the banana, but watch his weight and live a healthy lifestyle, worthy of a pregnant woman!

Author: K.S

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