Are You Addicted To Sweets – How Sugar Affects On Your Body!!!

Once upon a time people did not eat sugar. The fruit was not as sweet as today, between was difficult commercially available and only a few of them tasted it during their lifetime.

In the first century BC, one man’s journey in India wrote – I tasted something  like honey (the word “sweet” is not used). The consistency is similar to the salts thereof, may bite as a salt. Is Dissolving in water and is good for treatment of pain, bladder, and kidney.

Резултат слика за sugar

Why some people want sugar so much?

The answer is in instinct. We inherited it from our ancestors (Neanderthals), which, like all primates (monkeys), have an innate desire for sweets. This is useful because it forces us to choose the most mature (and richest in nutrients) fruits on trees. Receive, unlike other mammals, recognize excellent color and sweetness. This helps them to choose the best fruits and survive.
We humans do not live in the forests and on trees, but the instinct for sweet we have left. The result is that we produce and consume sugary foods because it is finer. So we put in the body of sugar for which it is not suited to him and cause trouble.

Sugar through history

An example of how humanity throughout history has a tendency to sweeten food is best seen in the fruit. Today’s apples and apples from 500 years ago have the same taste, it’s a lot sweeter. People have crossed various types of apple in order to get what sweeter (and therefore better) fruits. The same process of crossing is, for example, to achieve more eggplants are not bitter, and apply to many types of fruit.
Sam sugar is present in Europe for a long time, however, until the 19th century, it was the most expensive.

Harmful effects of sugar on the body

Refined white sugar upon entering the blood stream breaks up into simpler sugars, glucose, and fructose.
Glucose in the blood stimulates the secretion of the hormone insulin, which is necessary to succeed glucose to enter the cells. Too much glucose creates a great burden on the pancreas that produces insulin. A long-term diet with a lot of sugar leads to diabetes and a number of other diseases and complications.
No fructose harmless. Fructose passes through the liver where it is metabolized. If we take a lot for long periods can damage the liver is similar to alcohol.
Refined sugar creates the ideal substrate for bacterial growth, especially in the mouth.

Symptoms Depending on the sweet

Hunger occurs rapidly and is very intense
You feel like you have no energy until you eat sweet
Feel that a meal is not complete if you have not “seasoned” dessert
Become hungry soon after eating as much as much you’ve eaten
When you open a chocolate hard stops at eg. Only one cube, you need more
in the store, you choose sweeter products, eg. instead of plain corn flakes you might prefer to take sweet chocolate flake.

Foods that contain sugar

Due to our instinctive love of sweet, food manufacturers often produce added sugar (or fructose so that they can write on a declaration that the content of the “fruit of origin”).

If you read the ingredients in the composition will be shocked where all the added sugar. You might expect that it added to the sauce for pasta or in yogurt, but did you know that you are added and the cans of vegetables, the corn flakes, in the bread?!

Did you know that the most common ingredient in milk chocolate is not chocolate milk? You guessed it, the most common sugar.

A few foods in which manufacturers add sugar

a mixture of spices
canned vegetables
fruit yoghurt
soy milk
meat products, especially sausages, and salami

This trick, let’s call it “add sugar to everything and more will be sold” used and restaurants. Additional sugar ends in soups and sauces, salad dressings, almost all sauces.
Refined sugar nutritionists call empty calories because it has no nutritional properties (vitamins, minerals …)

If we take for example pizza has sugar (sugar added to the dough) tomato sauce, mushrooms are sweetened , canned ham has sugar …

How to reduce your sugar intake?

First, you need to stop eating unhealthy sweet things like cakes, cream, milk chocolate. As a rule, all the deserts that you buy at a grocery store or a bakery teeming sugar. Some desserts, so-called “adapted for diabetics” do not use refined sugar than fructose and fructose but in large amounts considered.

Secondly, when buying food should read the Declaration and not buy products containing sugar. A can of beans without sugar is usually a bit more expensive, this need to be prepared. Overall, non-performing and less expensive products have more sugar.

Third, if you have a strong urge for sweets then instead of eg. Wafer take rather a fruit or even a little honey and walnuts. So, instead of empty calories give the body useful calories.

Why reduce sugar?

Here are a few reasons:

You will be happier;
The longer you live;
You will not be slaves to bad habits;
You will reduce your weight and will feel better.

Author: K.S

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