Beetroot -You’ll Be Surprised of its Amazing Health Benefits – Nutritional Value and Recipes!!!

Perhaps it is not the most delicious vegetables you like to eat, but as far as healing – beets belong to the healthiest vegetables! For the treatment used raw beets, because when it’s cooked, beetroot loses its properties. Also, healthier darker beets, oblong in shape.

Beet is a natural remedy against aging, against anemia and many other diseases. They call it a cure for blood, it regulates blood pressure and anemia.

Резултат слика за beetroot

Beet as a remedy has the following properties: antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-carcinoma, anti-anemia, diuretic, detoxifier, antioxidant. Beet juice regenerate the liver, reduced body temperature, and is used to treat various forms of cancer. The net organism regenerates cells lowers blood cholesterol and detoxify the body.

Therefore, beets as a medicine have indeed very wide application.


Beet as a remedy for anemia and better blood count

It is believed that the color of the plant says a lot about its importance to the organism. So, therefore, it is clear what ruby-purple beetroot. Due to the high iron content, which promotes and restores the activity of red blood cells (RBCs), beet is used as a remedy for anemia and better blood count. Therefore, red beets, and the name of the blood drug, because it is used in those diseases where it is necessary to renew or purified the blood.

In anemia, which usually occurs in children and pregnant women, it is recommended that as a medicine used beet juice, which is rich in various vitamins, minerals, and other effective substances.

Beetroot for immunity
Immunity can best be strengthened, inter alia, the consumption of beetroot juice. Otherwise, the juice is made from the whole plant, including the roots and green parts. Beetroot detoxified the body, then ejects the accumulated toxins, regenerates cells, purifies the blood and thus comes to boosting immunity. It is also believed to lead to higher production of white blood cells that are responsible for the defense of the body, especially if it is a disease already occurred. Beet juice is a natural remedy that eliminates free radicals from the body, which can seriously endanger our health.

It is particularly recommended that the beets as a medicine used in the times of the year when we need protection from viruses because the ingredients of beet protect our body against infections.

Beetroot as a cure for cancer
Due to its composition and curative effects, beet is very useful in the treatment of cancer, including leukemia. It is also believed that beets may protect the body from the negative of radiation, which can lead to cancer. Betacyanin, which is found in beets, have a negative effect on the cancer cells. For cancer prevention should be used first beet juice.

Also, we indicated already that the liver detoxified the body and breaks down inorganic calcium, thereby preventing the accumulation of toxins that could lead to this serious disease.

Beet is successfully applied in the therapy of lung cancer, skin, liver, prostate, intestine, testis, and leukemia.

Beetroot for weight loss
You’ve tried everything, but can not seem to lose the excess weight? Try something natural and something healthy. Beetroot has a successful application and weight loss. Nutritionists will always recommend the cooked beets in various diets.

Also, balls of fresh beets can swallow every time you get hungry (without chewing) to reduce appetite and thus reduce weight.

How beetroot completely clean your body, thus accelerating weight loss.

Beetroot has a sweet taste and calories coming from beetroot carry beneficial nutrients that are a big hit for your body.

Beetroot in pregnancy
A large number of pregnant women suffer from anemia, so iron deficiency must be compensated with food that is rich in iron – the juice of beetroot! For improving blood count during pregnancy, usually used beet juice, carrot, and apple.

Also, beet juice also contains folic acid, which we know is very important during pregnancy because it prevents disease in babies.

Of course, in addition to improving blood count, beet strengthens the immune system of pregnant women and cleanses the body of toxins.

Beetroot calories vitamins minerals per 100 grams

Energy 45 cal
Carbohydrates 9:56 g
Protein 1.61 g
Fats 0.17 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Dietary Fiber 2.80 g
Folate 109 mg
Niacin 0334 mg
Acid 0155 mg
B6 0067 mg
B2 0057 mg
B1 0.031 mg
Vitamin A 33 IU
Vitamin C 4.9 mg
Vitamin E 0.04 mg
Vitamin K 0.2 mg
Sodium 78 mg
Potassium 325 mg
Calcium 16 mg
Copper 0.075 mg
Iron 0.80 mg
Magnesium 23 mg
Manganese 0329 mg
Zink 0:35 mg


Salad of roasted beets recipe

Need: 3 beet – 2 tablespoons oil, 1/4 cup vinegar, dill or parsley, salt and pepper to taste.

In an oven  bake beets, peel it, cut into strips, season with salt, pepper, add oil, vinegar, stir and put in a bowl of salad. From above sprinkle with dill or parsley. Salad served with roast or stew. Salad of beets can be prepared with boiled potatoes. In this case, should be the same quantity and the beet and potato.

Beetroot and potatoes with brine recipe

Need : 2 beetroot – 2 potatoes, 1 onion, one and a half cup sour cabbage, 1 tablespoon sunflower oil, 2 tablespoons of brine, salt to taste.

Boiled potatoes and roasted beets cut, add chopped onion, salt, sauerkraut and all mix. Vegetable spice filtered brine from sauerkraut; can according to taste, add the oil. Garnish onion rings, pieces of beetroot and hard-boiled egg.

Salad of beetroot and apples with sour cream recipe

Need: 1-2 beetroot – 1-2 apples, 1 tablespoon raisins, 1 teaspoon sugar, 2-3 tablespoons sour cream, 1/2 lemon (juice), salt and cinnamon to taste.

Fresh apples, raisins and roasted peeled beets cut, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, a little salt, sprinkle with lemon juice, add half the amount according to the recipe of sour cream, mix well, put in a bowl of salad and pour the remaining sour cream. Salad garners with pieces of beetroot and apples. Apples can be replaced prunes or dried apricots.

Beet cooked with walnuts and garlic

Need: 4 beetroot – 3/4 cups peeled walnuts, 3 cloves garlic, 1/4 cup of fruit vinegar, 1 tablespoon oil, parsley, fresh pepper and salt to taste.

Beets wash, bake, peel and cut very finely. Cleaned nuts, salt, garlic, fresh pepper grind well, all this connect with his scarred beets, stir, adding oil and put dust upon their finely chopped parsley.

Salad of marinated beetroot and cabbage recipe

Marinated beets and marinated cabbage mix (should be twice more than beetroot cabbage), pour oil, add a little sugar. Serve as a garnish with meat and fish.

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