Natural Home Remedies For Sour Stomach that Can Bring Relief -Advice and Recipes!!!

The stomach does not tolerate stress, alcohol, smoking, too heavy, salty meals and industrial food because of hamper its functioning and can cause problems. Therefore, above all, it is necessary to eliminate these factors and change their dietary habits, and if you occasionally want to afford a little relaxation and surrender to hedonism, apply these practical tips to solve digestive problems.
Резултат слика за Gastroparesis

Reduce  stress

Whenever you can, pick out time for yourself and spend it in a pleasant environment, walking, reading, talking with desired figures. Will help teas and tinctures of lavender, basil, hops, a stock, mint, cilantro, and valerian, which have a relaxing effect.

“Rest” your  stomach

If you experience digestive problems, do not enter the food already and let the little stomach to “vacations”, try to hold at least four or five hours without eating. During that time, consume teas to alleviate the problems and make sure to drink in small sips.

Massage your abdomen

With gentle circular movements in the direction of clockwise, massage the stomach about five minutes. This will move and accelerate the movement of food through the digestive system and facilitate the problems with digestion.

Hot meals

The warming of the stomach with a bottle of hot water or hot-water bottle, proven remedy is to relieve stomach problems. Recommended bet and chamomile which is done as follows: boil the stronger the tea, allow it to become lukewarm, soak the towel, put him on his stomach and hold it until it cools. Repeat until you feel relief.

Getting the mix

Coriander contains an essential oil that promotes the creation of stomach juices and soothes stomach cramps, which encourages expulsion of gasses, basil maintain the balance in the intestinal flora and mint relaxes the stomach and intestines, reduces spasms and nausea, and stimulates stomach juices. If you have no time for making tea, you can take your bags and cumin seeds to nibble until you feel relief.

Tinctures first aid

If you are prone to stomach problems, do tincture that will always be on hand in case of trouble you will have an extremely fast and beneficial effect.

From melissa : 20 gr. fresh dried leaves pour them in 100 ml of 70% alcohol and leave to stand for four weeks. Is taken to 20-30 drops per day.

Ginger: 200 gr. root pours in a liter of 60% alcohol and leaves to stand for 21 days in a warm dark place. Take 10-20 drops before meals.

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