Lungs Detoxification -Discover Which Foods Can Cleanse the Lungs of Tar/Nicotine and Reduce the Possibility of Infections !!!

Breathing is a vital function, people usually does not thinks on lungs health as long as we do not experience a problem. Our lungs are constantly working. This is the organ through which oxygen enters our body.Except that lung is on the direct impact of impurities contained in the air (dust, smog, cigarette smoke, mold, harmful micro-organisms …).

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All these substances threaten the work of the lungs which is resulting in a reduced intake of oxygen and difficulty breathing, and in extreme cases and suffocation. Prolonged inhalation of unhealthy air can damage the lungs and cause the occurrence of chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma or chronic bronchitis.

Since it is now less and less of those who have been fortunate enough to breathe daily healthy air, there are people who’re can’t afford healthy clean air because of job which they have .
As the lungs are one of the most important organs in the body, we should maintain them in good condition. Cleaning the lungs is one of the ways to achieve that.

Mountain and sea air are a good solution, but for that journey we need and a good opportunity, so this is not always feasible. However, mother nature as usual selflessly offers so many possibilities to us , so here are more natural ways with which we can purify and rejuvenate the lungs and the entire respiratory system.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is an excellent tool for cleaning the lungs of various toxic substances and is definitely recommended. It can be used fresh, or in powdered form, with tea or as part of a meal.

Nettle Tea

Mostly known that nettle is an  effective natural remedy for blood cleansing and a good source of iron, but it is perhaps less well-known that nettle tea clean lungs. It is, therefore, a good choice for smokers who needs multiple body cleaners.

Tea from pine needles

Drinking this tea stimulates the secretion of mucus build-up in the lungs and sinuses, and is useful for inhalation. So, before sipping ,while still hot, should inhale steam, as it accelerates the breaking of mucus in the lungs that you want to eliminate.

Inhalation with  essential oils

Inhalation is another way to purify the lungs and airways in general. For this purpose in the first place are the essential oils of eucalyptus and cypress. The application is very simple. A few drops of oil put into the water as soon as it  boils and then inhales while steam is coming out.

Attention: You need to know that this method is not good for asthma sufferers.

Breathing exercises – Pranayama

Inserted deep controlled breathing (Yoga Breathing – Pranayama) is a great way to purify and rejuvenate the lungs . Continuous and disciplined exercise increases lung capacity and strengthens lung tissue.
About 30 minutes of exercise a day can significantly increase the amount of oxygen that goes through the lungs into the bloodstream.

Diet that is recommended to clean lungs

Garlic, onion, honey, cranberry juice, fresh carrots and similar foods rich in antioxidants. Based on the results of some scientific tests, special emphasis is placed on the oranges, because is one of the preventive effects against lung cancer.

What should be avoided

Milk, dairy products, and fatty foods increase the formation of mucus in the lungs and block the airways, so you should avoid.

Author: K.S

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