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For the lemon say that ” cure all ” . Without pesticides, lemon is an important ingredient of many medicinal products that treat blood vessels, migraine,  but also that little yellow ball improves the complexion, renew skin and hair, increases immunity and helps against stress …


Lemon juice is used as a refreshing drink, it is a mild antiseptic. It is also used as sedatives and antispasmodic. Excellent corrected taste and smell, the sound bitter, aromatic and bitter tonic.


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All the ingredients of lemon, preferably vitamin C strengthen bone and connective tissue, to protect against infection and reduce the propensity capillaries, are especially important for protecting the gums. Lemon take this when you use spinach because it improves assimilation of iron from spinach.

Flavonoids in lemon juice are excellent antioxidants that protect cells from aging and enhance the activity of vitamin C. Lemon contains all the B group vitamins, which are essential for the balance of the work of the nervous system.

It is rich in potassium and calcium. Relieves acidity in the internal organs after a full meal of meat, or because of physical exertion. It is useful to drink lemon juice against cardiovascular disease: varicose veins, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure.

Mixed with honey helps against angina, and diluted used against eczema and warts. Extract of lemon oil showed the effective against nausea and headaches, lemon seeds used against nematodes.

A non-sprayed peel is good for the heart. In the cosmetics industry because of all the benefits, lemon is used for combination and oily skin that restores natural matte tone.  Lemon juice, which is weaker than vinegar used in marinating vegetables, fish, shellfish, and white meat. Lemon softens food, and at the same time keeps her scent.


Cheap and effective remedy for rejuvenation and weight loss

Lemon helps in preventing wrinkles and rejuvenate the face. Your skin can not look healthy if your body stores toxins too. Lemon also contains citrus acids that help to the election with acne.

Liver metabolism slows when full of toxins and waste waters to feed. Lemon helps the liver to eliminate all toxins and helps to faster fat burning. Outstanding works when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.


Soothe common cold

When you have a cold, lemon can help inside, supplying the cells with vitamin C and out, cleaning the nose and throat.

At the first indication of cold – a red nose or a sore throat – try to give the body enough vitamin C to eliminate viruses before they defeat the disease. Drink lukewarm lemonade every two hours.

If your throat really hurts, pour the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of sea salt in a cup (250 ml) with lukewarm water. Gurgled three times a day for one minute to reduce the burning sensation.

In the case of purulent angina, gurgled every two hours, the juice of one lemon bar after 30 seconds. Tilt your head back to allow the antibacterial and antiviral ingredients to penetrate to the back of the throat.

If you can eat clean lemons, that’s even better, cut lemon peel , slicing it up, put a little honey or add a few drops of propolis, then eat it . Doing so three times a day ,for two days, you will be reborn.


Cure high blood pressure

Garlic and onions have proven to be good fighters against hypertension and well combined with lemon. Put three cloves of garlic and one chopped onion in 250 ml of milk. Allow to slowly heated to boiling, then leave to cool for five minutes.

Strain and cool. Add freshly squeezed juice of three lemons, and drink a little during the day. If you suffer from high cholesterol do not forget that the pectin in lemon stimulates metabolism and circulation which will help you to get rid of it.


Say goodbye to varicose veins

Lemon oil strengthens blood vessels, which can help to cure varicose veins.Against broken capillaries, mix two to three drops of lemon oil with jojoba, avocado or almond oil and massage the affected area.

To solve varicose veins, put six drops of lemon oil in a cup and wheat germ oil and two drops of cypress and juniper oil.

Use this mixture each day massaging the feet from the foot to the groin, taking care to perform moves in the direction towards the heart.

To rejuvenate veins and capillaries in the bath, add eight drops of lemon oil. You can also add four drops of cypress oil mixed with a tablespoon of honey.

Immerse yourself in the bath for 15 minutes and when you exit carefully dab the excess water – no way rub.


Get rid of anxiety

Studies have shown that lemon balm has a calming effect and can, therefore, help to eliminate fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and tension. It is also believed that inhaling lemon oil increases concentration and alertness.

So it’s good to be used as an air freshener in the offices in order to increase the efficiency of workers.

If you feel that you are under pressure, sprinkle a few drops of lemon balm on a handkerchief and inhale.

At home, take this lavender and sprinkle with lemon, you will feel much better and calm.


No more sores

Proven antiviral and antibacterial properties of lemon can accelerate the healing of ulcers. Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass with warm water and rinse your mouth with this solution. Repeat the process three times a day.

Prepare for a burning sensation but as often as you were washing, it will hurt less.


Reduce pain

Although it has a sour taste, lemon juice has a strong alkaline effect and also fought against excess acid in the body that is responsible for rheumatism.

Drink the juice of one lemon or two (depending on the intensity of pain) in a glass of warm water three times a day.

The analgesic properties of lemon reduce inflammation and relieve pain especially if several times a day, rub my diseased area with a mixture of a few drops of lemon oil with one tablespoon of jojoba oil.


Keep your stomach

After each meal drinks a juice of a freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water, you can add a little ginger. Citric acid stimulates the production of gastric acid and activity of inner muscles.


Get rid of acne

Lemons contain, lo and behold, citric acid, which is effective in the treatment of acne. Vitamin C, which is found in all citrus fruits is essential to matt pale skin, while its alkaline part destroys bacteria causes acne.

Every morning, be sure to drink some water with lemon juice, or make an effort to make some of the simple preparation that will help you a lot in the treatment of acne:

– Use your finger or a cotton pad, apply fresh lemon juice on acne or make a little lemon sugar scrub gently face, if it is a small area, leave to act overnight and rinse in the morning, even if you smear your whole face then hold just 30 minutes. In the beginning, you may feel a burning sensation or discomfort will soon disappear.

– Mix one part freshly squeezed lemon juice with an equal quantity of rose water or honey water. Allow the mixture works affected area for at least an hour and a half. Rinse with water. This procedure should be repeated twice a day, preferably morning and evening.

These drugs are natural and safe, but if you are serious acne or have an open wound, consult a doctor before use.

Fight fatigue

World travelers , walkers, and explorers have always seen in a lemon gift from God. When you are sleepy, putting the straw in the whole fruit and drinking refreshing juice.

The researchers also used the lemons to protect against tropical diseases. Also, they knew that a small amount of lemon juice quench thirst many times more effective than large amounts of water.

Experienced travelers are added lemon juice contaminated water is used to keep drinking infected.

Lemon oil stimulates brain activity, so whenever you feel tired or distracted, you can pour four drops of aromatherapy oil in the lamp and drink a glass of lemonade every two hours.

Use lemon in your daily life and protect your health as best you can.

Your health depends on your decisions, change habits, live healthily!!!

Author: K.S

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