Surprising Ways to Lower Your High Blood Pressure Naturally -Advice for Hypertension!

High pressure is a disease of modern times and is one of the greatest dangers for heart and blood vessels, but also the whole organism. That is why, when it comes to this disorder,  early detection and timely treatment are the most important.

To treatment to be fully effective, in addition to the regular intake of medication, it is important to change habits. A person who’s suffering from this disease must use healthy food, reduce body weight, exercise, leave the alcohol and reduce the intake of salt.

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Reduce Alcohol

The positive effect of alcoholic drinks on the cardiovascular system is lost if taken daily for more than 350 ml of beer, 150 ml of wine or 30 ml ” hard drink “. But if you have hypertension first (140-159 / 90-99 mm/Hg) or second degree (above 160/100 mm/Hg), it is better to completely leave the alcohol.

Physical Activity

Results of numerous studies have shown that in the long run, regular walks beneficial effect on the body: reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes … Every day for a half-hour walk in the park, and when you go shopping, to the market or to visit friends remember ” forget the car ” . In this way activates the body, increase the amount of HDL (good) cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of blood clots.

Practice Yoga

It is well-known that constant tension and anxiety contribute to a sudden increase in blood pressure. Therefore, if you want to permanently lower your high blood pressure would be a good idea to master some of the techniques for stress relief.

Attend yoga classes, try to meditate, try deep breathing techniques, or at least half an hour a day listening to sounds of classical music. All these activities are very beneficial effects on the body and lower blood pressure.

More Socialize

A person whose lifestyle would be described as reclusive is considerably more at risk of developing hypertension than those who have a rich social life. Therefore, invite your friends, go to the city and be socially active.

This will stimulate the secretion of hormones of happiness and reduce the impact of stress, which is the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels is crucial.

Learn  to measure blood pressure

To blood pressure under control and verify whether the measures were taken by the fruitless, you should regularly measure blood pressure. It is important that blood pressure monitors proper use: the most common mistakes, whether you use a pressure gauge or automatic meter, occur due to incorrectly set cuff, which should be wrapped around the upper arm of the left hand, about three centimeters of elbow bend.

Before you start to measure the pressure, you have to sit still for at least ten minutes and  should not drink coffee and smoking 45 minutes before measure because it changes the values of blood pressure.

Menu is crucial when you want to reduce pressure

When preparing meals, be sure to pay attention to the amount of salt you add to food. Studies have shown that even a small reduction of sodium in the diet can lower the pressure for two to eight millimeters of mercury. Best results are achieved if a menu plans so that daily salt intake does not exceed half a teaspoon.

Pay attention! This amount does not apply only to food that you prepare, but also on the foods that you purchase at the store. Therefore, before you decide to buy, be sure to check the label values of sodium expressed in% DV (recanted to take those foods that have less than 5% DV of sodium).

Instead of salt use herbs – basil, black pepper, fennel, saffron, rosemary, and oregano. In addition to improving the taste of food, the plant normalizes high blood pressure.

Potatoes and Celery

These two excellent foods can lower high blood pressure.
Potatoes contain kukoamine , a substance that protects against hypertension and celery relaxes the smooth muscles of blood vessels, which significantly lowers blood pressure.

It is recommended that for lunch and dinner takes 100 g of lettuce or beets, seasoned with a soup ka-piece finely chopped parsley leaves, leaf dill, fennel, a little oil and squeezed lemon juice. Salads always add at least clove garlic, because this vegetable has almost identical properties as antihypertensive.

When it comes to dinner, opt for fish. Salmon, tuna, and herring are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and DHA and EPA acids, which help to lower high blood pressure. In addition, foods rich in folic acid (vitamin B9) is an excellent prevention when it comes to hypertension. Good sources of this vitamin are spinach, green leafy vegetables, beans, and asparagus.

A few more things about preventing a high blood pressure

Apple cider vinegar for treatment

It should increase the daily intake of acid in organic form – in the form of an apple, grape, cranberry, or their juices. Every day to take four glasses of juice or a corresponding amount in another form. If using vinegar, it must be mixed with water at a ratio of two teaspoons per cup of water.

The daily diet of protein content should be compared with the content of carbohydrates. If the predominant proteins, their share should be reduced.

Whole wheat foods should be replaced with corn. Since the kidneys are organs of excretion, a base reaction of urine, caused by wheat foods, refined sugar, and meat, is a sign that blood wants to reduce its base content.

Ordinary table salt attracts and retains the liquid. Therefore, people with high blood pressure should not be given salty foods. We know that after savory dishes drinking water. A part of the absorbing liquid which is retained in the blood until it is excreted, increase blood pressure.

If you are out of food, the blood will be easier to release excess water, and blood pressure will drop proportionately. During the works the opposite. If you take with every meal, he will draw excess fluid from the blood, thus reducing blood pressure, and its soothing effect alleviates any tension of the nervous system.

Author: K.S

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