Relieve Your Mind and Body From Social Phobia -Most Effective Advice!!!


A phobia is a permanent fear , usually excessive and  unjustified. Most people are afraid of  height ,spiders, but that’s not a fear  to interfere with daily life. Such fear becomes a phobia when it prevents people in their activities that they previously performed with ease .

Many people feel a bit uncomfortable or fear when they meeting with strangers or in certain social situations. However, some become very frightened in such situations. This fear can be so intense that they start avoiding such, for them threatening, situations. This is the social phobia. They are divided in general and specific social phobia.

General social phobia

If a person suffers from a general social phobia, you fear in any situation in which it could be the focus of other people. She’s worried because she thinks everyone is looking at her and follow what she is doing. Fear can feel when handling and meet new people, or eating and drinking in front of others.

This can make it difficult for many to go shopping or to restaurants. It can feel very uncomfortable if undressed in front of others and avoids trips to the beach. You may feel the fear that he will not drop silly, ignorant or from addressing the authorities, but never opposed to their colleagues or boss, even when it really should have done.

I go to some of the entertainment can be a big problem. Some feel a bit uncomfortable, insecure and tense before entering a room full of strangers. If a person suffers from social phobia, you might be in this situation for some time to walk in front of the door ” collecting ” the courage to enter the room thinking that he is afraid of enclosed space, ie. it claustrophobic.

When you finally enter a room full of strangers, you might have the feeling that everyone is looking at you.They who suffer from social phobia to lessen the tension and fear they feel, before going to the party they need a drink . With the arrival of the party, they might have again the need for “a glass” to feel relaxed and less frightened. But you must know that alcohol increases your anxiety symptoms .

Specific social phobia

This type of phobia usually occurs in people who are in the spotlight because of his occupation, for example. merchants, actors, musicians, teachers. A specific social phobia can occur in any person who occasionally has to perform iii speak in public.

If you suffer from this kind of phobia, probably in the usual everyday social contact with other people, there is no problem. Do you find yourself in a situation that should publicly perform or speak in front of others or something like that, you become very frightened? Maybe trembling or her mouth dry. Her fear can be so intense that it makes it impossible to speak.

Psychosomatic symptoms of social phobia are heart palpitations, dizziness, lump in the throat, tingling, shaking, inability to breathe normally, etc.

At this point it is best to connect with all heard that everyone has. Touch  something (sense of touch) eat something, (sense of taste), smell something, it is best to have a handkerchief on which was previously put lavender oil (sense of smell),  trying to concentrate on a sound that is around it (sense of hearing),  concentrate on one thing you seen around you (sense of sight).

This is a very good method that helps us to become aware at all that is around us helps us to change our focus, and therefore less we think about the fear that gripped us.

Anxiety disorders are not a disease but it can impair the quality of life in every sense.When we realize this and become a patient, we have solved 50% of the problem.

Here are some other tips

The first symptom that hampers us and sinking us  deeper is fear. Anxiety fear is an irrational fear, unfounded fear will not go if you  confront it, let it do its own. If you oppose, fear will become stronger …. release the fear, release negative thoughts.

Required patience and dedication, nothing was there overnight and can not go away overnight.

People often refuse treatment with medications and going to a psychiatrist,earlier I wrote about natural remedies for anxiety,but this condition may also treat using meditation, yoga, and work on oneself. Diet also has a major role in our treatment .

A balanced diet and regular exercise may not act as a cure, but it will certainly help to correct the general condition and raise your mood.

As it turned out that some foods reduce stress, so there are foods that affect anxiety.

Food that reduces anxiety :
Foods full of omega 3 fatty acids (seafood and fish)

Foods full of B vitamins (eggs, meat, whole grains, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, nuts, peas, beans, mushrooms, peanuts, dairy products, fruit)

Probiotics (milk products)   probiotic yogurt has the effect to the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression. Green tea, chamomile, St. John’s wort, lemon balm, also calming effect.

Avoid oily and fast food, coffee, cola, energy drinks, and more. If you drink coffee for years, do not suddenly stop, do it gradually. Avoid foods full of sugar, because of the sudden intake of sugar in the body, increases blood sugar, then the pancreas secretes more insulin and can lead to a drop of sugar in the body and then the anxiety symptoms are more express.

Do the exercises, walking, go to the gym if you are able, try to every day be physically active. Exercise in the body increases the production of serotonin (hormone of happiness), which has a calming effect and gives us more will to live. Relieve your body from stress by exercises , and your psyche  by meditation.

Release symptoms do not oppose to them,accept the symptoms, release them  and let time do its work.

Your only job is to go ahead and do not give up.Time is your best friend,It heals everything.


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