How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast And Naturally-11 Effective Home Remedies (causes and treatment)

Hemorrhoids are veins in the anal canal. Over half of the total population has some kind of problems inflamed hemorrhoids with different symptoms that vary from a slight feeling of itching to severe bleeding with pain.

Hemorrhoids can be internal and external. Swollen internal hemorrhoids are usually painless rectal bleeding while external hemorrhoids unless there is thrombosis, can cause slight itching or feeling like you have worms. In the case of thrombosis, hemorrhoids can be very painful and swollen in the area of the anus.

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The basic condition for curing hemorrhoids is a good digestion and regular stool. People who have problems with  hemorrhoids must enter 6-8 glasses of water or tea a day. This fluid contributes to the regularity of the stool and the prevention and regulation of hemorrhoids.

Another very important advice is that the need for going to the toilet does not delay because it will harden stool, seeking to overcome a deferred all time will be performed additional pressure on the veins and cause discomfort, and worsen the condition.

Food that does not contain fiber, enough whole grains, fruits, and vegetables almost always eventually causes the appearance and discomfort of hemorrhoids. Explanation of this phenomenon is quite simple. The stool, which is very hard, irregular and compact slowly or rarely goes out and stays in the intestines.

In this case, it puts pressure on the veins that become swollen, keeps blood pressure and begins to irritate pain or bleeding. When the stool is not hard and does not retain any pressure no problems.For many people who have occasional problems, change of diet and weight loss in obese patients also will be sufficient to significantly reduce discomfort or disappear.

Another important factor is the regular hygiene, which is best done with cold water regularly and in detail. Then dry the area as mandatory moisture to favor the development of bacteria.

From the advice of this kind at the end is important to mention the fact that prolonged sitting, standing and heavy lifting has an impact on it but most people because of the nature of the transaction is unable to affect this type of change and prevention.

If you apply most of the above tips, you can prevent hemorrhoids or mitigate and completely remove the problems caused by their functions of the without any drugs.
We suggest you two natural cure for quick operation without chemicals:
The first natural product is an ordinary lemon.

  • Lemon juice prevents internal and external bleeding hemorrhoids,  citric bioflavonoids are the ones who make the condition of veins and capillaries stable and stronger. Lemon is rich in active ingredients that prevent constipation, clean the blood, act anti-inflammatory  and against infection caused by free radicals.

In the morning wring a lemon into a cup of lukewarm water and drink the juice on an empty stomach. If you want to speed up the treatment take lemon juice during the day. This will have a major positive impact on the entire body and not just on the hemorrhoids.

At the same time, if you do not have open external wounds, the rest of the lemon peel (the inside of the peel) Rub the outside of the hemorrhoids and then apply the gel from aloe. Aloe will work anti-inflammatory , antiseptic and will help in tissue repair.

  •  For other medicines you may need a longer time and more ingredients to prepare:
    You need a fresh horsetail and parsley. Plants in the amount of two full hands first wash and let dry. Then they chop or grind until you get a homogenized puree.
    Pour this plant mixed with that higher quality olive oil. Let stand for 4 weeks in a warm place in a tightly closed glass bottle. Put as much olive oil as much as is enough to fully submerge plants. After aging oil filter and if necessary apply on painful areas of hemorrhoids from the outside or through soaked tampons or gauze on internal hemorrhoids to rest for at least an hour or two to oil work.

Apply one of these natural products as needed until you completely eliminate the problems. To permanently resolve the problem it is necessary to follow the advice in the first part of our text relating to hygiene, nutrition, digestion and weight. Good digestion and regular stool are the key solutions to relieve the pain, itching, bleeding, and other symptoms of pressure that cause hemorrhoids.

  • Roasted or cooked apples and drink apple juice. Take this cure for 15 days. Cooked wheat put in the milk warm it and eat for a lunch and dinner , during a month .

  • Daily drink 250 ml carrot juice or a cocktail of 250 ml carrot juice and 200 ml of juice radish.

  • From A mixture of equal parts of olive oil and fish oil drink per tablespoon, 3 times a day.

  • 100 gr. finely powdered or milled horse-chestnut pour with 300 ml brandy and take 20 drops a day, on a sugar cube or a teaspoon of honey.

  •  100 gr. dill pour with 250 ml of boiling water for 2 hours and drink before bedtime.

  • Developed, but still, unripe fruits harvested blackberries, dried, ground  and use it  3 times a day : on the top of a soup spoon  in a little water or red wine.

  •  Fresh chopped root nettles (25 tablespoons) put in a liter of brandy and leave to stand for 15 days. It is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach and at bedtime, the patella. This lens and hemorrhoids bleeding.

  • Eat as many tomatoes as an apple, in the form of salads or drink juices, which regulates the stool and helps the healing of hemorrhoids.

  • Every morning on an empty stomach to take 3 tablespoons of bran in a cup of yogurt or milk.

Wraps for natural treatment of hemorrhoids
– Wheat flour and olive oil: mix cup of wheat flour and a cup of olive oil to cook  and apply on the affected area. The treatment lasts 15 days.

  • A piece of gauze soaked in fish oil put as a compress over the piles during the night. In the morning, wipe the remnants of oil. Repeat this after 14 days.

  • 10 well-washed vine leaves and 5 tablespoons finely chopped flower yarrow pour a liter blueberry juice and keep the fire until the beginning of boiling, cool and use as a compress for hemorrhoids.

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