How To Relieve Back Pain .11 Natural & Alternative Cures!!!

for classical medical treatments, there are also natural and alternative therapies that can  relieve us from  the  pain and stiffness in the back … back pain.

Find out which natural and alternative methods exist for eliminating pain in the back after sleeping or improper posture or mitigate the consequences of sports injuries and deformities of the spine …

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Studies have shown that people with chronic back pain who practiced yoga for 12 weeks – have much less severe problems than those who undergo only to the official method of treatment (medicines and physical therapy).


Experts for chiropractic using massage for returning the spine to its normal position and on that way they eliminate back pain on patients.
This method can be very effective, but before you decide to go to a chiropractor, consult your doctor.


If the back pain the result of great physical stress, long sitting or lack of physical activity, daily  massage will be great therapy. It would be best to do  massage after showering.


Shower hot water is an excellent instant solution for low back pain and back. Pointed the shower at your neck and let the water run down the back. Start with a small stream of water , and then gradually turn up. Be careful, the water temperature should be pleasantly warm that there would be no burns.


If back pain resulted from an irritation of the nerve, homeopath usually recommends oral homeopathic preparation Hypericum. If the problems caused by the violation, drink arnica.


Several comparative studies have shown that acupuncture sometimes effectively relieves pain in the lower back than conventional physical therapy.


Cold therapy can involve ice wrapped in a towel or cloth, which clings to the painful region. Packaging is held on the painful spot.


This is a newer method of physiotherapy for the treatment of peripheral nerves and muscles, which promotes blood circulation, eliminate islands, relaxes muscles and reduces pressure on the nerve, thereby eliminating pain. Kinesitherapy  involves bonding elastic bands on the painful area (the muscle or around it, depending on the effect you want to achieve). Thus, the elimination of pain in the lower back, stiffness following sleep or improper posture, and sports injuries …

Natural remedies

Back pain can alleviate healing wraps and tea-based thyme, juniper, St. John’s wort and horseradish. Tea made from thyme soothes the pain in case of inflammation of the nerves, sciatica, and rheumatism, and can alleviate a headache.
This drink must be consumed fresh, so do not prepare large quantities.
For a cup of tea is sufficient teaspoon thyme, which is poured into 200 ml of boiling water. Cover the cup and leave it to stand for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink .

If it is mixed with milk, pine can be an excellent means to relieve back pain

A handful of young spruce tops cook in the milk for 15 minutes, the put it in a linen cloth and tighten on the painful area. In addition, strong tea prepared from dried needles and plants can be used as a medicinal bath.

Ren stimulates blood circulation to the painful area and relieves symptoms

The leaves of horseradish wash and dry then sprinkle one tablespoon of finely chopped garlic, buttercup flower, leaf white ash and hot pepper. Rub the affected area with oil .Wrap it and keep it far whole day more than two hours, or more precisely – until you feel strong burning sensation of the skin. After removing the pack, wipe the patient with warm water and apply the olive oil.

St. John’s Wort is known for its healing properties

It is used for massage in the case of nervous and muscular pain. Is an excellent way to relieve sciatica.
In 500 ml of olive oil pour five tablespoons of chopped St. John’s wort and leave it to stand for a few days. Then apply on the back where you feel the pain .
Nerve pain can alleviate a mixture prepared from three drops of St. John’s and two tablespoons of almond oil. It mildly rub the affected area every three hours.


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