Raise Your Positive Vibrations -Be The Best Version Of Yourself !!!


Be the best version of yourself… You’ve all heard about it but what this actually means…

This means to be the best version of yourself for real … don’t you  put the focus on the other people put the focus on yourself and work on yourself…

Work on yourself and fight with yourself  are always the hardest things but without it, you will hardly succeed .

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Start to love yourself, fill yourself with confidence, because the woman/man who has the self-confidence is the most beautiful woman/man.

Do not look at how other people looks  like, what kind of body they have, how beautiful they are , how successful they are, what kind of job they have, instead put the focus on yourself and select your goal .

There are always negative and positive things in life, someone once said, what kind of thoughts you have, that kind of life you will live .Your life is a reflection of your thoughts ,if you change your thinking ,you change your life.


So why destroying ourselves, thinking only on the negative things in  life, change your beliefs that don’t serve to you and they not serve to you because they are wrong, change the way you view yourself ,what you have is  given to you for a reason because it is best for you. Remember ,the way you perceive yourself  is exactly how you will cause others to perceive you.

Embrace yourself , love yourself the way you are ,because how we can love others if we don’t love ourselves, learn how to forgive ,  respect yourself and others ,do not judge yourself by others and don’t judge others by yourself.

How do you become the best version of yourself .. just be the best version of yourself. Do not wait to become better , be better ,live your life now, do not wait to become self-confident, be confident, do not wait to become happy, be happy. Sometimes our past brings us pain  and future can brings worries, so live in the moment. You deserve to  be happy , you deserve better for you , so take it .

When you wake up dissatisfied, tell to yourself I don’t have much but is enough, because someone else  is praying every day for the things you take for granted.

It’s not gonna be easy at the beginning because you are caught up in the belief that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve to be happy , or if you do , you don’t  know how.But  with persistence ,will and hard work on yourself, your confidence will be changed, your life will be changed.

Be the best version of yourself, tell yourself right in this moment … I am now, the best version of myself, no matter how I look , no matter how much I have.

You are at this moment the best version of yourself , but there is one very important thing and that is ,you  really must want to be better , to be the best . It’s never too late to be happy.


There is some advice that may help you

Albert Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” so…

Let your happiness be your priority, start to notice the present and live in it, start to notice the small source of happiness, develop positive thinking, focus on what you can control, take full responsibility for your life, start listening to your inner voice, beware from stress, start enjoying what you have and  start building your luck.

You have nothing to lose if you try…


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