Dangerous Drug and Food Combinations.Don’t Mix Your Meds With These Foods


The usual drinks, from fruit juices to coffee, can reduce the effectiveness of certain drugs, as well as endanger the health when combined with certain drugs. For example, grapefruit juice does not agree with many medications.

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Grapefruit Juice

Reacts negatively to more than 50 drugs, including statins. The effects of the juice of grapefruit last longer than 24 hours, the change to the medication can not solve the problem. So during some therapy, it is better and safe to avoid this fruit.

Pomegranate juice

An enzyme that is found in this fluid reduces the effect of several drugs for reducing the pressure.

Milk, soy milk, milk smoothies

Calcium interferes with the effectiveness of drugs for the thyroid gland. It takes at least 4 hours after drinking the medicine, then you can drink a potion that is rich in calcium.

Caffeine (from coffee, green tea, energy drinks)

Can lead to serious health problems if it is introduced by the drugs-stimulants such as ephedrine (to reduce appetite), medicines for asthma, amphetamines.

Sports drinks

Potassium from these drinks can be dangerous when they “evaporate” with some drugs for hypertension and heart. Bananas are also rich in potassium.

Energy drinks

Skip the drinks (or a glass of wine), if you are taking antidepressants ,combinations of these beverages and drugs can lead to high blood pressure, headache, increased heart rate, but to a heart attack or stroke.

Green Tea

And not only he but also vegetables rich in vitamin K (broccoli, kale), can reduce the effects of drugs to thin the blood.

The nutrition can also reduce or increase the effect of some drugs


It is known that garlic lowers the pressure. So ,do not eat too much if you have a chronic low pressure (hypotension) or if you are taking medication for lowering blood pressure, so this combination can lead to an abnormal drop in blood pressure.
In this group are also included : lemon , celery , oily fish , calcium , potassium…  All these foods lowered blood pressure.. If you have low blood pressure should consume them moderately.

People who take blood thinners (anticoagulants) should be used sparingly: ginger, curry, cinnamon, oregano, peppermint because they naturally diluted blood.

 Note: Pay attention to your diet if you are on a medical therapy.

Author: K.S

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