Advice and Home Remedies For Tinnitus (ringing ears)

What is it Tinnitus?

Tinnitus (medical term) or buzzing in the ear is the subjective presence of sound in one or both ears. Ringing in the ear may be temporarily or permanently. Patients describe it as a sizzling, hissing, whistling, drumming, picking. . . and can vary in intensity.
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Ringing in the ear is very often. Most studies show a prevalence in the adult population ranges from 10 to 15%, with a higher prevalence in older age (between 60 and 70 years of age). There is no gender difference in the prevalence of the humming.

The most common form of buzzing in the ear is subjective tinnitus, that is, the sound in the ear that other people do not hear. Objective tinnitus is a sound that can be heard and the person who views the patient. This is a rarer form of tinnitus that occurs in less than 1% of cases.

Occasionally tinnitus can be a disturbing and significantly undermines the quality of life in some patients. About 25% of people with chronic tinnitus, buzzing your experiences disturbing enough to seek medical attention. Ringing in the ears could affect your capacity  to deal with the daily activities and therefore you will not be able to fall asleep or it’s can  wake you up at night.

The causes of tinnitus

There are many causes of buzzing in the ear tinnitus:

– Hearing impaired

– Secretions in the ear
–  Ear injuries
–  Otosclerosis
–  Meniere’s diseases
–  Tumor of the acoustic nerve
–  Glomus tumor
–  Jaw-joint disease and tooth
–  Depression
–  Anxiety
–  Suffering from cervical spine
–  Nursing hearing loss
–  Heart and cardiovascular ailments
–  Metabolic disorders,
–  Kidney disease,
–  Poisoning and other drugs intoxication,
–  Ossification ossicles (stirrup)
–  Chronic otitis media and interference in the functioning of the Eustachian tube,
–  Head injuries and diseases of the central nervous system
–  Ringing in the ears may occur after anesthesia (spinal, etc.).

How to cure tinnitus naturally

Ginkgo biloba – incredible herb,for centuries is considered one of the best natural stimulator of brain function. Extraordinary encourages circulation to the brain, thus ensuring the maximum flow of oxygen and nutrients, enhancing cognitive functions.
This herb  prevents and cures symptoms of dementia, slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, strengthens The concentration and memory. Given the fact that tinnitus is often associated with poor circulation, the use of natural products that are based on ginkgo will help in alleviating the aforementioned problems.

Treatment of tinnitus with wheat


– 3 tablespoons of wheat bran,
– 1 tablespoon of fresh or dried petals of red roses.
– 300 ml  of local red wine.

Put  together the  bran and petals in red wine, put it in the pot and cook until  it boils. Remove and drain well. The residue that remained at the bottom pick up and wrap it in a cheesecloth, and you can in a clean cloth. While is still warm put this cure next to your ear.

Siberian ginseng eliminates annoying rustling in the ears

In addition, it will help against dementia, ginseng will be beneficial to work with depressive conditions and psychiatric disorders that often causes the constant ringing in the ears. This powerful herb has remarkable antioxidant, strengthens the body, improves circulation in all parts of the body, soothes, provides the necessary energy. When tinnitus is pretty good.

Almond oil against the noise in the ears

The recipe is easy and simple, soak a small piece of cotton wool in this beneficial oil and put it in your ear. Repeat the next few days, until it comes to mitigating the symptoms, combined with chamomile will achieve even better results.

St. John’s wort relieves symptoms

If you are facing difficult accepting the symptoms of tinnitus, drink every day 1 tablespoon of  St. John’s Wort oil because it has been proven that it works as a natural antidepressant and corrects us a bad mood.

Folk remedies for tinnitus with corn flour

In 200 ml of water put one tablespoon of corn flour. Stir well and leave all night. In the morning, once again stir well and drink … The process is repeated for 21 days, during this  treatment,avoid pork, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Tincture of arnica against tinnitus

In ancient times as a remedy for the rustling in the ears, we advised  the barefoot walking on clover.As soon as you notice that tinnitus occurred, drizzle with 2 to 3 drops of arnica and close the ear with cotton wool. It also recommended to vaporized your ears  with flowers from the mallow.

Eat healthily, eat minerals, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese.

The lack of manganese can cause deafness, dizziness, and noise in the ears, a magnesium deficiency – twitching nerves and sensitivity to noise.Improvement and changes in diet, reducing stress and physical activity positive act against tinnitus.

Stress causes increased secretion of adrenaline; It narrows blood vessels and slows the discharge of waste products from the body.Fatigue worsens the problem.Lie down in the evening and getting up in the morning on time.Take the B group vitamins, B 12 and niacin, if there is no improvement after two weeks, increase the intake of niacin. Take vitamin therapy  only under medical supervision.

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