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Coconut oil has a wide range of effects to the entire body (health ,skin, hair and nails ). Is rich with fatty acids ( lauric and caprylic acid which are converted into monolaurin and monocaprin in the body) and many vitamins and minerals that exhibit high antimicrobial, anti-oxidant and calming effect.

These substances having a potent activity against viruses, bacteria, and fungi and thus protect against many infectious diseases. Coconut oil is very effective in the fight against candida and other fungi and parasites in the digestive tract. They are not stored in the body as fat reserves because it is metabolized differently and longer than others chains of fatty acids. They are transported to the liver where the energy consumed directly or be converted to ketones, which have a therapeutic effect in epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases.

Coconut oil also helps against the following disease :
– Heart disease,
– Weight Loss,
– Digestion,
– Strengthening of immunity
– The treatment of infections,
– Liver and kidney,
– Stress,
– Diabetes,
– Problems with bones and teeth,
– It is mentioned and as an adjunct therapy for people suffering from HIV and cancer.


The recipe for a savory coconut spread:
– 1 cup of coconut oil
– 2-3 laces parsley
– 2-3 cloves garlic (optional)
– a pinch of Himalayan salt
Put all ingredients together and stir. Keep in jars and used as spread or addition to cooked meals, etc.


Резултат слика за coconut oil hair before and after
Suitable for treatment of all skin types, especially very dry, dehydrated, skin prone to eczema and flaking. Also suitable agent for the treatment of dry, cracked and hardened skin areas (exceptional keratolytic). It is used as an anti-wrinkle, exerts a strong anti-aging effect, anti – striae (stretch marks) and scars ,excellent in the fight against inflammatory processes in the face, acne and is also used for burns or for minor damage to the skin due to its strong antibacterial, antiseptic and revitalizing effects. Its anti-inflammatory effect helps with gout, arthritis, rheumatism  and pain. The skin immediately after the application becomes velvety, soft, shiny and hydrated . Is used as a tool for daily skin care,  dry and colored hair, good  for removing makeup from the face,  body care after sunbathing, care for sensitive baby skin.

When we speak about coconut oil as hair care  , can not be ignored that it acts as an excellent regenerator, stimulates new growth, restores peaks that are cracked, gives hair a healthy and groomed appearance with a beautiful glow, even delays the onset of gray hair. Also, coconut oil is good for skin  , gives the skin elasticity, nourishes and softens. Helps against wrinkles, scars and stretch marks (striae).

Coconut oil stimulates the growth of new hair follicles in a way that it literally penetrates inside the hair, unlike many products on the market that do this only on the surface. This ability to coconut oil penetrates the hair from the inside, owes its almost ideal chemical structure (lauric acid is present almost 50 percent), as well as the shape and size of molecules that is the perfect size for this maneuver (very tiny and expressed rectilinear structures).

The cosmetics industry has learned of all this, literally first started to race – who will come out better and more “natural” product of coconut oil. As usual, there is still some compromise despite everything is quite difficult to find good quality and totally natural product that does not contain chemistry, so make sure to buy  organic coconut oil for hair.


The use of coconut oil for dandruff is also nothing new, here’s how to use:
Rub into the hair mild herbal shampoo and wait a few minutes to act, then rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

Note: Be sure you do not use conditioners and regenerator because you’ll only make things worse. Then dry your hair with a towel and then  gently with circular movements with fingertips apply a small amount of coconut oil over the entire length of your hair.
* Apply coconut oil each time after washing your hair (2-3 times a week).


– unrefined coconut oil (cold pressed)
– half a banana
– acacia or forest (2 tablespoons)

Use and preparation:

Take one cup  and put one  spoon of  coconut oil. Now put the whole cup to warm a larger sauce pan with hot water. When coconut oil melts it is ready for further use. Note: water in a sauce pan does not have to be very  hot .Now in other cup add  a half mash banana and  two tablespoons of honey and mix well.

When you get  a homogeneous mixture without lumps in it pour coconut oil. Use a strainer that will separate the good veins and lumps from the mixture.Apply this mixture to the entire hair and wrap with a plastic bag for 40 minutes.

Then rinse the hair and wash with your normal shampoo. Coconut hair oil is an especially remarkable regenerator. Apply at least twice a week.

Try these recipes  because it is really effective, but in case you do not have time for its preparation,  apply coconut oil directly  to the ends of your hair and leave it overnight .You can also  use  coconut oil for faster hair growth  in the same way .

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