Mix These Two Ingredients And Release Yourself From Pain-Results Will Delight You!!!

When most people afflicted with a health problem, they’ll resort to drugs. This is not always a good idea because pharmaceutical drugs sometimes cause side effects that may take their toll.

Therefore, we should turn to natural alternatives. They will give you the same effect as the pills, sometimes even better and of course, they have no harmful side effects.
Резултат слика

This natural remedy that you can make by yourself  helps with osteochondrosis and  painful and frustrating condition in your body (neck,back,head etc..)

Preparation is very easy and simple.Here is what you need to make this miraculous and effective cure.

10 tablespoons of high-quality salt (Himalayan or sea salt);
20 tablespoons unrefined olive oil ( you can sunflower oil too but it’s better with olive);
Mix the ingredients and put it in  the glass jar. Close the jar and let stand closed for 2 days. After 2 days this natural remedy is ready for use.
This cure, apply to the affected area immediately in the morning . Start with 2-3 minutes of massage, and every day gradually increase the time till you get to 20 minutes. When you finished, wipe the skin with a damp towel, don’t wash.

After this treatment can be no small irritation of your skin .If it comes to that spreads your skin with a moisturizing cream or coconut oil. After 10 treatments you’ll notice great results. Pain in the neck and upper part of your back will be gone. You’ll be released from headaches and your eyesight will be much better as your metabolism. Also, you may be  a little dizzy, because of the increase in circulation ,but it won’t last long. Your body will be freed of toxins and will be amazed by results.

Try and see the effects od this amazing cure. You have nothing to lose, except the pain…


Author: K.S

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