Face Mapping -What Your Dark Circles and Acne Are Trying to Tell You About Your Health!!!


Have you ever heard anything about the face map? In fact, that is the key to solving the mystery of problem skin.

Here is a brief overview of the main areas of the face, where pimples may appear, and how they relate to one or to other parts of your body.

Резултат слика


Zones 1 and 3The bladder and digestive system – improve your diet and drink more water.

Zone 2Liver – try to cut down the consumption of alcohol, heavy meals or milk products. This area may also indicate a food allergy.

Zone 4 and 10Kidneys – make sure that taking adequate amounts of water, and drink fewer liquids that lead to dehydration. For example, coffee or alcohol.

Zones 5 and 9Respiratory system – those who smoke or who have allergies tend to have acne in this place.

Zones 6 and 8: Kidneys – dark circles tend to occur as a result of dehydration. Drink more!

Zone 7: Heart – check your blood pressure and make sure that you do not use make-up, which irritates the skin.

Zone 12: Stomach – perform detoxification or add more fiber to the diet to help digestion.

Zone 11 and 13: Hormones – stress and hormonal changes. Such problems can sometimes be solved by the reception of a large amount of water and a few extra servings of dark green vegetables, but if acne in this area is constantly appearing, make an appointment with a doctor to cure a possible hormonal imbalance. In addition, pimples in this area also indicate when you are ovulating (and which side).

Zone 14: The disease – could be a sign that your body fights bacteria to avoid disease. Drink plenty of fluids.

Please note that it is – the general recommendations. A simple pimple on the nose does not mean that you have a heart problem. As with all medical issues, it is always better to consult a doctor or dermatologist for a correct prediction.

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