Regenerate Your Hair -Unbelievable recipes for DIY natural shampoo and hair masks

Almost every day we see the commercials on TV for shampoos for hair, trying to convince us that only after several wash our hair will be shiny, lush, beautiful, and will attract admiring gaze .

But when we read the composition of the shampoos you wonder, is this really best for our hair?  The answer is no because we can do much more for our hair. All you need is to create a natural shampoo that will protect your hair from hair loss , dandruff and give her the ultimate shine. Natural shampoos are easy to prepare, they are completely safe, cheaper and your hair will be healthy and full of life.


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All we need are a few ingredients that everyone has in the kitchen.

Shampoo with baking soda

One tablespoon of baking soda is sufficient for average long hair dilute with 200 ml of hot water and then add a cold water. Apply to wet hair and gently rub your hair with it, your hair will be thoroughly washed and clean.

After washing  don’t forget to wash your hair again with lemon and vinegar (in 200  ml of water put two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon apple cider vinegar) you have to do this because there is a need for maintaining the acidic environment of your skin.



Shampoo with gelatin

Gelatin is good for hair because it contains collagen, a protein of connective tissue and  designer for your hair and skin. Mix one egg yolk and a tablespoon of edible gelatin, add a few drops of vitamin AD drops and a little lemon juice. Slowly apply to damp hair and leave to stand for 10 minutes, then comb your hair with warm water under the shower. Afterward, do not curl your hair immediately ,dry in a towel and wait until the water is absorbed.

Already after the first wash with the shampoo, you’ll notice a big difference ,your hair will be shiny, strong and vigorous.
For a strong, rich and shiny hair, add a bag of gelatin into a small bottle of your shampoo. Before each wash, shake well and use as normal.

Wash dry hair with egg

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When hair is dry and “brittle”, it is useful to wash the egg because the egg contains lecithin, and almost all amino acids, which protect the hair from damage and eliminate dandruff.

Typically used the whole egg. Egg yolk and whisk egg whites should be a lesser amount of warm water then add one tablespoon of honey and half banana. Foam egg out on wet hair and wash without  shampoo . After that  rinse your hair with  vinegar (1 tablespoon vinegar to 2 liters of water). It is very useful in this case, rinse the hair with herbal tea (tea), that will give hair incredible shine.

Nettle tea with garlic

It is also good 3 times a month to rinse your hair with nettle tea.

Brew tea from nettle and add 3 teaspoons chopped garlic. so let it stand for 24 hours then drain and rinse the hair .. let stand 60 minutes, then rinse your hair with a natural shampoo from gelatin.


Shampoo for hair growth

Take 2-3 tablespoons mustard powder and dissolve in 1 liter of warm water then add one capsule brewer’s yeast.

Apply to hair, massage in and if you feel a burning sensation – do not rush to immediately rinse. This effect causes the blood flow to the scalp and stimulates hair growth. After a few minutes, rinse your hair with plenty of water.

“Mustard mask” allows to solve the basic problem – oily hair will make less greasy and dry hair will intensively feed, besides this mask contributes to an even greater density of hair and eliminates its loss.


Shampoo with garlic and coconut oil

Take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, add the chopped garlic and a little pepper ,warm up and leave to cool, then apply to wet hair and rub gently, leave it for 1-2 hours and massage the hair, rinse hair with warm water and then rinse it once with tea of chamomile.

– Garlic also can mix with honey (because honey is a natural conditioner) it will reduce the smell of garlic and your hair will also provide food and protection.
– Garlic is well-known as a miracle cure , is rich with calcium and zinc and vitamin C.

– Helps your hair by preventing from decline and accelerates hair growth, also eliminates all the toxins from the skin of the head and helps with dandruff.It is also rich in rare minerals like copper .



You should know that all natural shampoo with garlic can not  use more than 2 times per month because it can cause irritation to the hair and head skin.

In these ways, you will not only pay tribute to the power of her hair, shielding it from the effects of toxic substances, but do benefit your health. 

Give your hair what it deserves and it will reward you with beauty.


Author: K.S



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