Natural herbs for anxiety and panic


Anxiety is a condition characterized by a feeling of inner restlessness, fear of something terrible happen, with strong psychomotor tension and inner turmoil. A person in a state of anxiety has a sense of losing control of himself, that will happen to her something “terrible”, and often is convinced that her entire world completely falls apart.

Anxiety is usually not tied to a particular object or person, but this is a feeling that is certainly something terrible would happen, a person fears that they will not have enough capacity to cope with the threat of a situation. This situation significantly disturbs the quality of life of anxious people and there is almost nothing in what they can enjoy.
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Unpleasant physical changes that then feels due to the release of adrenaline, are the result of fear, and it is necessary to keep in mind when people themselves trying to reassure and comfort that everything is fine and they receive completely different information from your body! She physical changes often interpreted as proof that with her something really wrong.

Such our natural defense mechanism is desirable in situations where we really a real danger, however, why such things occur when there is no real danger and the body is getting ready for a fight or flight?

An anxious person is constantly in a state of “readiness”, constantly on the alert, deeply believes that is in  some danger. For these people the autonomic nervous system is activated more easily than other people, so no wonder that hundreds of the anxiety people may be frightened and in a sudden sound, as it can cause a variety of symptoms.

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are the results of the accumulated stress in a person’s life. Anxiety people constantly have experience that  by someone or something is in danger, constantly suspect that it will not get  adequate help if they need it, and  will they have the strength and ability to cope with difficulties by itself. Usually, their own capacities underestimated, while the risk and potential threats overestimates.

Treatment of anxiety with herbal medicines

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Balm (Melissa officinalis) – Tea balm relieves many mental disorders among them fears. Works and antidepressant but should be used regularly for a longer period of time. Of course, as with most teas with stronger effect, after 2-3 months, it is necessary to take a break, at least 2 weeks.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) – Valerian herb is very helpful in the fight against fear, because besides having calmed the nervous system, relaxes the muscles which were anxiety  people often convulsively. Jos has a better combination of valerian and hops as affecting the regulation of mood.

St. John’s Wort  is a popular natural remedy for depression, but one should not ignore the fact that this herb relieves the feeling of anxiety and stabilize mood swings. Besides the tea can be used St. John’s Wort oil, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which usually amounts to 20-30 drops / 2-3 times a day before meals.

Chamomile – For the treatment of anxiety in children is the safest chamomile tea. It removes tension, relaxes, reduces the feeling of anxiety and fear, providing better sleep, and in the fall in the mild and harmless herbal teas.


Yoga and meditation that goes along with it are a great solution for the treatment of anxiety. This method regulates many crucial processes in the body, such as the secretion of glands, blood, heart. Yoga positively affects the spiritual stability and relaxes the muscles, which altogether is very important for life without fear and certainly reduces the possibility of occurrence of anxiety.

Through yoga, among other things, stronger self-confidence. What is a person more confident, it is less prone to fears without reasonable foundation. Yoga deepens the natural ability of rational thinking, a sense of peace within and harmony with the environment.

Treatment of anxiety with 3 questions

The human psyche is not always able to rationally and objectively considered the world around them and in themselves. Sometimes it takes a little trigger that turns away from righteous thoughts or just a small impulse that the proper focus. This trick is especially effective for mentally unstable people, who themselves unwittingly violate mental balance.

How to beat fears 3 questions

At the moment when you have a fear, panic attack, and even many other negative thoughts, which they themselves do not really know where they come from – gasp courage to deal with them and clearly set itself the following three questions:

Who are you,what do you want from me and who sent you?

If you were serious enough and armed with a strong desire to win fear, before these issues should immediately remove it from your mind.

In the same way, you can be a successful fight against various unpleasant thoughts and emotions.

The most important thing is to know that anxiety is not a disease but a disorder. Work on it, it is easy to overcome. Nothing you can not get a single interview with an expert or do it when you experience an attack. Always keep in mind that it has not developed at once, although you generally think so. It takes the time to appear, but also need patience and perseverance to overcome.

Author: K.S

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