Miraculous Natural Juice Which Dissolves Stones, Lowers Bad Cholesterol and Eases Digestion

Celery is a miraculous vegetable with very low energy levels. Protein has in modest quantities while leaves have 8-10 amino acids. The content of vitamins and minerals is higher in the leaves than in the roots.

The calorific value of the celery is 16 kcal / 100 gr, and in that the quantity of celery contains: Vitamin K 36.9%, 9% vitamin A, vitamin C 5.2%. It also contains other vitamins extent, while rich in fiber, 5.6% daily requirement meets the 100 g celery. Of minerals celery contains molybdenum, 6.7%, potassium 7.5%, 5% manganese, 4% of calcium.

Celery is an important source of beneficial nutrients such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and manganese. What gives him the highest full impact of the phytonutrients. Antioxidants celery prevent oxidative stress in the body. Prevent inflammatory reactions in the bloodstream and organs. Not surprisingly its application in food as nutritionally valuable and healthy food.

Celery is an excellent food, which really helps in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, eases digestion, fight against cancer, is an excellent diuretic, has an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates insomnia, helps with weight loss, eliminates the formation of stones in the gallbladder and kidneys .

Celery juice is a good source of polyacetylenes as lutein. Polyacetylene is an organic polymer which is in juice celery and reduces the chemicals that produce inflammation. It can help to relieve rheumatic pain and helps people who suffer from arthritis and many other inflammatory problems.

Lutein  in numerous studies proved inflammation inhibitor, meaning it blocks certain enzymes that trigger the formation of gene products responsible for the production inflammation.Luteolin that celery juice there can be helpful in the fight against dementia. The reason is that it helps to reduce inflammation in the brain. Studies have suggested that eating celery and drink celery juice can be a preventive measure, or possibly treatment in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

How to make a healthy juice

Резултат слика за celery juice
Combined celery with other fruits and vegetables. Celery can be freely mixed with other fruit and vegetable juices such as carrot , cucumber,beetroot ,radish, apple, pineapples,spinach,lemon,etc.

The most important thing is to enter the celery in your body 3 times a week.Start your day the best you can and give your body energy for the whole day.


  • 2 green apples, peeled (energy)

  • 250 gr lime (against kidney stones)

  • 250 gr lemon (  clean, soothe, refresh,  against viruses)

  • 150 gr ginger root, thumb-sized, chopped (detox)

  • 2 teaspoon cinnamon

-2 handfuls of spinach ( for  brain)

  • 1 small cucumber (hydrates, detox, calms)

  • 250 gr celery ( for bones)

  • 2 sprig parsley (good for blood circulation and heart)

  • 5 leaves of fresh mint ( relaxes)

  • 3 carrots ( for skin,blood, eyes)

The infusion of celery has a calming effect on the nervous system. The combination of the level of magnesium contained in the juice has been proven to be helpful for people who have trouble sleeping. Celery is used as a treatment for those who suffer from insomnia. Benefits of celery juice for insomnia can be seen by taking this drink on a daily basis over a period of time.

The rapid pace of life, poor food choices and lack of physical activity significantly affect the quality of sleep. The body during sleep renewed and cleansed of toxins, and if it does not provide enough time for regeneration, risking numerous health disorders.

Good sleep is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of the body and that is why we recommend the drink based on celery and green vegetables to calm and detoxification:


• 1 cucumber

• 1 piece of ginger medium size

• 1 lemon

• 1 green apple

• 9 flowers asparagus

• 2 stalks celery

Plunge asparagus in cold water (during an hour). Cut the cucumber, lemon, and apple into pieces and grind in a blender with ginger and celery. Drain the asparagus and insert it in a blender. Water from irrigation asparagus discard. Fresh juice immediately consumes.

This juice is best to drink after lunch, during the afternoon rest, in order to eliminate the most common causes of insomnia – improper digestion, high blood pressure and stress.


Recipe for alkaline celery juice

Celery has an overall alkaline effect on the body. Many nutritionists and studies recommend a diet that helps maintain a slightly alkaline balance in our body. The combination of minerals that includes an organic type of sodium, which is found in celery juice vegetables makes this a great addition to an alkaline diet.

The ingredients you need for celery juice:

• 150 grams of celery – 3 stalks or one root

• 250 grams of broccoli – 3 central inflorescence

• 250 grams of carrot – 8 roots

• 100 grams of cucumber – half a large fruit.

Grind all the ingredients in a blender and drink a glass of juice twice a day.

The aim of using this juice to restore the normal pH of the body, which is about 7.35-7.45. When the pH of the body drops below these values, the body with difficulty returning disturbed balance, often pulling calcium and other minerals from reserves in the bones, which can lead to numerous disorders.

Many nutritionists and biochemists suggest a more widespread link between the pH value in the body and the deteriorating health of the population that is present in the modern world. Many chronic diseases are associated with the base and the acid balance in the body and, although the debate continues, many people are convinced that this imbalance is behind the most of these “modern” health problems.

Celery for Metabolic and Weight Loss

If you like sweets or salty snacks, which you stand on the way to the ideal line, then this is a juice  that will help you to deal with crises during dieting. Of course, as with any other diet, it is important to stick to the rules. In this case, it is necessary to prepare and consume as directed and drink regularly. You will be able to notice results in less than a month.

Ingredients for celery juice:

• 200 grams of cucumber

• 1oo ml  lemon juice

• 1 lemon, cut into slices

• scoop ginger grated (or a male half teaspoon of dried – powder)

• hot peppers

• 150 grams of celery

• a few stalks of celery

• 300 ml of cold water

• 2-3 leaves of mint

Cucumber and celery grind in a blender, add lemon juice, ginger, and water. Peppers cut larger, if you do not like too spicy, or insert it in a blender, and if you do not mind. Finally, add slices of lemon and mint as garnish. Serve cold, in glasses, with a stalk of celery that you munch on while drinking juice between meals when you have the desire to chew on something. Keep prepared celery juice in the fridge.

Be healthy, eat healthily…


Author: K.S


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